The main idea of the magic described in fairy tales. Do you expect to wave a magic wand thunder will strike – and you spilled a golden rain. Even the most sophisticated in matters of magic feel some frustration because nothing this is not happening. If you tell a friend that took up the study of magic, he probably will ask you to perform some miracle, without the aid of mirrors. Not surprisingly, a lot of magical and occult societies treated with caution and prudence as the main qualities required magician. Sometimes it is much easier to keep your mouth shut. One of the challenges is to determine the magic. Aleister Crowley typically defines magic as "The art of making changes in accordance with their own will." However, under such a definition is subject to, and are not magical things as tea making and tea drinking.

Other recognized authority in the field of magic, Violet Penry-Evans (nee Firth), better known under the alias of Dion Fortune, gives a much more interesting definition. She believes that the magic – the art and science to produce changes in consciousness in accordance with own desire. " It sounds much better. Many magical actions include changes in consciousness – trance medium, depth of perception and the like – through the actions of anyone. But this determination imperfect, unless you believe that the inhalation of glue, drinking beer and smoking are also a magical action. Magic – a collection of techniques, there are at least 70,000 years, intended to manipulate human imagination in order to achieve physical, psychological or a spiritual results.