The care team informed Dolphin from Mannheim a pressure load on the corresponding bodies is the main cause for the development of pressure ulcers. For this reason, this discharge is an important preventive measure. A pressure relief can be created by not even produce pressure ulcer with different storage techniques. The care team informed the various storage options of Dolphin from Mannheim. Each bed-ridden patient target changing storage has an increased risk to develop a pressure ulcer. An enlargement of the surface can be achieved by changing the position in bed. This, the body weight of the patient over a larger area is distributed, so that the pressure is deliberately reduced. Overview, there are different ways to store, that the pressure will be taken and spread patients storage techniques.

Here a small overview of the most common techniques. 30 degree oblique storage with 30-degree angle storage is the pressure of the pressure ulcer-prone places the supine (back, shoulder blades, spine, cross – and coccyx, heels) made and distributed on the soft tissues of the body side. By using two pillows, a pressure relief is brought in the patients. A pillow is placed for this right or left under the spine. The other, the corresponding thigh. Free storage as pressure relief for decubitus prone bodies such as heels, the free storage is an effective method. In this method, the affected area is completely relieved.

The heel learns, for example, no pressure, because it is supported by pillows. When the free storage is sure that the blood circulation is affected. Minimum position change be performed by small pillows or towels, which are alternately inserted under the various parts of the body (head, shoulder, ankles), micro storage micro storage. This pressure sores be prevented. For detailed information to the The care team is anytime available storage techniques Dolphin from Mannheim. Press contact care team Dolphin contact person: Sabine Bartsch under troubles Lau Road 79 68169 Mannheim phone: 0621 43728211 fax: 0621 43728212 mobile: 0163 6227692 email: Homepage: