Typically, the liquid deposited on the surface of the spray with the spray and the rubbing cloth. Often the sides of the keys can not be cleaned, so heavy polluted keyboard can be disassembled poddevaya each key with a screwdriver. But the exercise is time consuming and requires patience. You can purchase a special set for cleaning the keyboard, which includes sponges, brushes, sprays – in short, everything to To clean the keyboard, without going into the laptop and not violating the warranty. The keyboard also sold miniature vacuum cleaner, connected to the USB-port on the computer, but in practice they are ineffective because they have no necessary capacity.

Particular attention must be given to cleaning the screen. First, using the can of compressed air to remove all volatile particles (most often, they accumulate at the edges of the matrix). Then special lint-free cloths and fluids designed for cleaning LCD screens, to remove adhering dirt. The use of different alcohol-containing liquids can damage the matrix, so from "Assistants" means one hundred percent fit only plain water (in moderation). The liquid is applied to a soft, lint-free rag or microfiber cloth, sold in any shop of optics. Optical Device dust is more dangerous than for the case and keyboard. That's why you should not keep open the optical drive tray for a long time.

Impossible also to touch hands or optical system any unauthorized objects. To clean the drive is better to use a set that includes a special disc. For a laptop, not only afraid of dust and dirt. The devastating effect on the components of the system has an extreme temperature mode. In our country, as a rule, low temperatures. If you'd like – your laptop has worked for a long time, do not expose it cooled below -10 C Celsius. At this temperature, in the first place to suffer Li-lon-battery. Loss of its capacity then do not recover. Cooling for a further five degrees can cause separation of the matrix due to the difference in the magnitude of thermal deformation of materials. Adversely affect this temperature and at physical properties of the plastic material of the enclosure – from the extreme cold it becomes brittle. After a walk with your laptop on the frosty streets in no case be returned home immediately to include rapid heating effect creates condensation on electronic components, which can lead to breakage. Ideally we should stand at room temperature for a laptop for about two hours, the conclusion is simple: in winter the laptop can not be wear on the street without a warm bag, but even more so to use it outdoors. In addition to freezing temperatures for a laptop, as well as for any computer, especially dangerous overheating of internal components, so each laptop equipped with a number of ventilation holes, which is highly undesirable overlap. People often work on a laptop, putting it on his knees, and producers, as if on purpose, like to have the power to the cooler and the air holes in the bottom of the laptop. All of our recommendations are simple and easy to do. But if you take advantage of them, your laptop probably will last longer than the manufacturer expects it! Want to read about on Mobile phone, visit Mobile Paradise