Which is better, the Best book, or vice versa, the real thing or a cheap version. We regularly use these words about books. Re-reading children’s books or fiction, detective stories or business literature, we leave your feedback on read and appreciate it. Why so? What is the difference between a good book and a bad one? There are books that are referred to as a proud expression of the ‘best book’. These are books that have been tested for many years. They, like jewelry, can change its value, but remained unchanged to date. For them, put ‘good’ famous critique of books and many readers of books. But all the new books we evaluate ourselves. Different readers textbooks say about the same textbook equally. Though when they ask why something like it, but something is not, they respond in different ways, and sometimes quite difficult to answer. And yet what is the difference between a masterpiece of the disposable book? Consider one of the styles – fantasy. This is the most popular to date genre of fiction. The book Twilight (Stephenie Meyer) best not only in English-speaking countries, but France, Spain, Scandinavia, Japan and China. Literary debut, which critics likened to ‘Interview with the Vampire “Anne Rice and” Pace, who hunts in the night’ by Barbara Hambly. Fall in love with a vampire This is scary? This is a romantic It’s wonderful and painful But it does not end up good – especially in the constant battle the vampire clans, where the slightest difference from others already turns you into an enemy. The Book of Dawn (Stephenie Meyer) The fourth book of the famous vampire saga that became a bestseller in a dozen countries! True love is not afraid of danger Bella Swan agrees to marry his beloved – the vampire Edward and accept his gift of immortality. But after the first days of the unfading happiness of her life becomes a nightmare. Bella and Edward wait child and the birth of a child from a man and a vampire – a grave crime. Child and his parents face severe punishment at the hands of the vampire elders. Bella, Edward and their supporters werewolf Jake understands that you need to stick together. For a decent book is important to its description, creating ‘immersive’. Of course, this is not a single value. Equally important are the ideas of the author, the meaning and humor. But without the natural pattern all the other values will be left is acceptable man. Contents of the book should be at their own experiences. And it really makes the book a necessary ‘thing’.