The 01 May 2010 will go down in the history of network marketing. While at some other firms from the environment the lights are slightly darker – Helmut Spikker his empire in full glory will shine. The Networkzene is in turmoil from the 01.05.2010 the clocks tick in Spikker time. Now however, is still not officially confirmed by the company a name is known, NWA Network World Alliance. So do you mean the new company, whose ancestor already has over 20 years of network experience, and the success of the world has led to a company and the company LR international. But it should be something not again so ordinary as his first litter”, but a vision, a giant, who will give a completely new face of the industry. Alone, the founder’s theorem makes it clear: I need this! As we pop a real thing out right – and you’re done! (Helmut Spikker) The proof came on the heels – a 30,000 square metre plot was bought to one of his new company to attract (piquant way in the same city where his first company was founded in Ahlen).

Spikker is alone worth more than 20 million euros the first phase of construction. Vera, Colostrum, perfume, food supplements, diet products, and cosmetics are among the already well-known products Aloe. The successful second coup, the acquisition of the direct sales company Pierre lang of Austria also designer jewelry is belong to the product range. But not enough on the second the third string follows the famously, shopping tour in America, the company re-Vita. With security follows the motto of the brave Schneiderleins seven in one fell swoop, Helmut Spikker because long not all arrows are fired it, because the quiver is full and the network world has to expect a lot.

Executives, NetWorker, and also a consultant will have a partner on their side with Helmut Spikker and his company network World Alliance, oppose not much probably have many other company from strength to strength. The marketing plan will with absolute certainty as well stand out from the competition, so that every consultant, distributors and executives using a time which everyone determines also can make good money. An official website is not even offered on the Internet, but can be anyone interested for example under the: inform and as a precaution, faithfully following the sentence, of course something changed from: at NWA, you sit in the front row, register free of charge and without obligation. As a small thank you for choosing those get a free advertising website already to continue their own success and to attract new prospects for themselves. They think of the phrase of Michail Sergejewitsch Gorbatschow: latecomers, life punishes! Author / contact: Maybe make money UG limited liability Mr Uwe Eggert Rathenow