You have a Networking meeting on upcoming dates and do not know very well how you cope? Do not worry. It is absolutely normal (more if you are more or less first-time in these issues) that feel a degree of uncertainty to the face such acts. These meetings can be a great opportunity to increase your sphere of influence. If you manage them properly, the results can be very positive. On the other hand, if you end not find comfortable and not get you their full potential, you will have lost an opportunity to grow your business.

Fortunately, as for almost everything, there is always a methodology and in this case would not be different. According to the instructions you can read below, you do things correctly and will considerably increase the chances of success. I suggest that you use three steps when preparing this type of event: before, during and after. All are important and you should pay all the same attention. Before: 1.

know to perfection to the organizers of the event. It turns out imperative that you know perfectly what the organization is engaged, who are the people that made up, their names and responsibilities. If you correctly understand what motivates the organizers, it will be easier to join the meeting. 2 Research assistants who will be. Your interest in the type of people who attend the event. See if you know some of the names and view preparing in advance the topics which you can deal with each of them. 3 Prepare a battery of open-ended questions. Open-ended questions are those that invite your interlocutor to give a more or less extensive explanation. They are used for information and work as a complimentary item to show your interest in the Affairs of others. During: 1.-reaches the Act with sufficient time. Those minutes in advance will allow you to quickly make you a composition of place.