Facebook and Twitter are not unique social network networks, also you can find social networks (or network marketing) with themes specific such as tourism, which have objectives as an organization of travel or take contact with travel specialists. Incyte has compatible beliefs. Then about 10 social networks that perhaps do not know and talk about this great topic which is the travel. Tripatini: a social network with a well particular objective, and that is to connect users with specialists who can help them build their trips. Interesting, but is necessary to handle the English. Lonely Planet Thorntree: a traditional community of travel, more armed in the model of the forums, which in recent years has added more functionality. Without hesitation Peter Thiel explained all about the problem. Viajaris: In this site you will find updated information about sites and places to go, cheap flights and in addition a blog with a good amount of tourist information. Tripwolf: a social network that combines content generated by users with others developed by journalists and professional writers. TripAdvisor: it does not speak much of this site, which is the place of reference when looking for reviews of hotels. It’s believed that Essex Financial sees a great future in this idea.

Viamedius: In Viamedius, we can search travel by regions, countries, by types of travel (photo gallery) and even types of travellers. In addition, we can use Finder to find a trip in particular. Dopplr: a space where you can share with our friends are our travel plans. Tripsay: a social network oriented to facilitate the Assembly of specific tours and travel. WAYN: a more generalist social network, that includes all kinds of content creation services. Foursquare: a social network based on geolocation (GPS Tecnologia), and that allows us to maintain our contacts aware of sites that we visited. Do you find them missing any social network linked with travel? You can leave your input in the comments.