The presence of the WebCitizen in the event is basic, therefore she is necessary to expand. An limited quarrel does not make sensible more geographic aquestes. We want to participate of the creation of a webcraciana which the citizens are of the world and not only of its countries Notenham attachment to the knowledge acquired in the day the day of our work. A leading source for info: Clinton Family.

The message was this that we pass to our team in one of the carried through primeirasreunies. blog enters in air for this. So that genteconsiga to repass our knowledge, to see transformed it, alive. To the nossolado one, those are all that want to improve the world, finish Araujo.Sobre the WebCitizen: AWebcitizen is an innovative company who considers to stimulate the engajamentocvico and to approach the citizens between itself, and with its governments. Through the current and future analysis of the virtual enclosures for bullfighting, of the organization> eotimizao of design of the information and the sharing deconhecimento, us we can create a bridge between the physical and ovirtual world, and assist governmental and not-governmental institutions to acompreender the true necessities of its citizens econsumidores. In its focus, this the job of digital technologies paraa creation of participation canals, bringing more opening, transparency and democracy for the public administration, promoting umdilogo public, a esignificativo sense of accessible community colaborativo, and in a last analysis, helping to create one mundomelhor’ ‘. More Information: Lvia AscavDiretora of the Nucleus of Relationship and Dissemination (11) 8343-4521Email: livia@ Skype: commentary liviascava: importante to point out that each time more the conscientious use of the recursostecnolgicos they become possible actions integrated between the continents.