Front to the multiplicity of differences human beings: of sort, mental, racial, ethnic, cultural, religious physics, among others, Freire (1987) evidence in its writings a correlation of force between oppressed oppressor and that permeia all the society and the education as part of this. However, she considers a critical and anarchical alternative to breach with the oppression: the pedagogia of the oppressed one: that one that has of being forged with it and does not stop it, while men or peoples, in the incessant fight of recovery of its humanity. Pedagogia that makes of the oppression and its causes object of the reflection of the oppressed ones, of that will result its necessary enrollment in the fight for a release, where this pedagogia will become and remake. (grifos of the author, P. 32). To speak in diversity, in accordance with Guijarro (1998), necessarily does not mean to speak of minorities, but of the collective human being, who brings in its interior the individual differences.

Pablo Freire (2002) with the liberating and emancipadora education, instigates the man to the humanizao of itself, liberating themselves, changedding themselves, in a continuous process of reflexibilidade and action. The education under this bias is understood as qualification for the exercise of the freedom and the autonomy and, as much in the starting point as in the educative process, this look implies respect stops with the citizen, that are only, and for its differentiated manifestations. The release, for this, is a childbirth. a painful childbirth. The man who is born of this childbirth is a new man who is only viable in and for the oppressor-oppressed overcoming of the contradiction, that is the release of all. The overcoming of the contradiction is the childbirth that brings to world this more oppressing new man, more not oppressed, but man becoming free itself.