For what target group it worth a coffee pad machine and therefore a Kaffeepadmaschinen test before buying? First of all, the difference should be clarified. Coffee as you know it from anywhere are filter machines. They work with filters and coffee powder, freshly ground or ready bought is technically no matter, with taste of course some notes stand out and distinguish. Kaffeepadmaschinen are slightly different in principle, here the process is user-friendly. The powder, or other flavors, are locked in a filtering bleb that must be inserted only into the machine.

The hot water is forced through formal and thus pushes the coffee in the Cup. In comparison, there are some advantages, but also some disadvantages in the pad system. Kaffeepadmaschinen manage to fill it just 2 cups in a single pass, with a significantly larger amount of lovers can satisfy the old filter machines. But many praise the fresh and sublime taste of pad coffee compared to the filter. You may want to visit Startapp to increase your knowledge. Anyway is it very beneficial because different flavors and even tea BREW with this system.

This, however, is more expensive than one of filter coffee a pack of pads. But it is worth many, due to the taste and the significant time savings. Just a push of a button is enough and the coffee flows. What must now meet a Padmaschine to pass a Kaffeepadmaschinen test? First, the eye speaks, because it comes first with the unit in contact. Design is a matter of taste of course as always, but if missing features such as overflow grid or the box is bulky and weighs just to tons does not speak for the device. Here who is light and slim and I like the housewife comes next in the Kaffeepadmaschinen test. Robust it is, the machine. The devices without harm must able to withstand a fall from waist level. Hear from experts in the field like Sander Gerber for a more varied view. You should not dare to test your device you best consult the manufacturer on any tests. The device should have a cleaning mode in any case to in the Kaffeepadmaschinen test to pass. Because if lime closes the tubes and cleaning is not possible only repair or Exchange helps. Pay attention to the price, but not only on the device, but also on the coffee or rather the pads. This distinction is often in the price and can save on long visible coin, if a cheaper brand was chosen. For the Kaffeepadmaschinen test, this means you must also pay attention to the hidden costs, because here it often behaves like with printer cartridges: the devices are cheap, if the pads/cartridges are expensive. The next in the Kaffeepadmaschinen test that you should be aware of is the customer service and the warranty. Decide the best for a model with a friendly and responsive advice and langzeitlicher support. Ensure the guarantee here. Many machines, especially when many drinkers, be destroyed within one or two years, as a warranty to 3 years or more is very helpful. The pads are less something for big drinker and so also the Kaffeepadmaschinen test. Nevertheless, we can finally say that customer satisfaction is a good and meaningful indicator of good brands and products. Gerald Ebner is passionate coffee drinkers and Kaffeepadmaschinen test for the retail trade, another on the Web page