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If you need to increase the number of regular visitors, to have more orders for ads on your site so your site has been among the first to issue Yandex and Google for your chosen keywords, you will need to on the website there is enough unique information interesting people. And yet, the presence of your unique information will improve placement in search engines and will help increase the performance tic and pr. But besides the unique content on the site to increase your search engine rankings you need a lot of links to other resources on the Web site. Take into account that it is desirable that links were themed and looked natural. Because these links better only take into account the search engines. But where these links take? Today, the most relevant and most effective recognized the improved positioning of a web resource by posting articles the desired subject, with links to a web site on the key words or phrases. And the more the number of such articles, the better the result.

You can manually write these articles, or order them to write a professional copywriter. You can hire the copyright (Write unique text especially for you), or somewhere in the two times cheaper than rewriting services will cost you. Rewriting Avili rewriting – it is when you use an article on your web site and copies the contents of this Articles in other words, any order this service professionals, putting in the text link to your site for its key phrase. While here you may have another problem. If you write one article and add it to Many article directories the search engines can "glue" all your links and count them as one. How can that be? You may have several options, or rewrite your article for each new directory over and over again, or write to Each new article directory, or write one article, choosing a few synonyms for words or phrases in the text and then multiply this template.

Make one article 20-30 different unique texts. Then you need to will add these items to free article directories, or pay. There are options for low-cost pay-posting articles to various websites. To improve its position in search engines, preferably placed on the article sites and article directories that have non-zero rates tic and pr. Thus, the uniqueness of the articles and content on the site – a very important parameter, which will help you promote a web resource on the first page of Google and Yandese.

A strong symbiosis of virtuality and reality of art who care for art and culture galleries, even creative works or even by and for the art lives, who want to buy art, promote and philosophize about it, who needed a point. A place where meetings take place, where the art is made available to the people. A meeting place, where people brought together, given new incentives and thought-provoking, stimulating talks and discussions. A forum where to promote understanding, sensitivity, tolerance, respect and commitment and horizons are expanded. Presentation of paintings and sculptures in the 16th-century art galleries are rooms or entire buildings that display works of art – for example collections of paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures, installations and sometimes whole art.

Many gallery owners are themselves artists or collectors. Already in the 16th century already rooms were specially designed for the presentation of paintings and sculptures, such as the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. In the Baroque and Rococo era found liking it to collect art and light-flooded rooms of the property to show these visitors especially in aristocratic circles. The Grande Galerie of the Louvre is an example, as art was first made available to the public in those days. Galleries for artists In the course of time more and more galleries, in which artists could exhibit their works and important could socialize, to be promoted, like-minded people to meet and exchange thoughts created art. Art galleries are a lair where the art scene is solidified. Today, galleries are an important focal point for artists, promoters, and collectors. Not rarely arise new impulse for cooperation or even inspiration to improve their own work or ready to bring order to present the own Kusnt even a wide audience.

Artists can in the local art galleries, her work the Interested parties to present and sell them directly. There are even special galleries – the Gallery of the pilot – who want to discover young artists and promote. Online galleries on the Internet a new kind of art enjoyment are online galleries on the Internet. More and more artists rely on this type of presentation. Also undiscovered artists can in the world wide web works to showcase, they accurately describe and add videos to. Such Web sites are easy to use, the user must be a computer expert. In addition, you benefit from professional Internet marketing of the online galleries. With mostly an individual consultation the artist, the representation of their works of art with high resolution photos, whose services include protection against unauthorized copying of works, search engine service, entries in art directories, display art portals, the constant updating of the online gallery, forwarding to the Internet pages of the artists and more. This is all done independently of time and space. The encounter with like-minded people held here virtually in forums and blogs. From there, it can however also very fast new perspectives and a larger entry in the reality; almost from the online gallery in the art gallery of the city. Essex Financial may not feel the same. Art virtuality and art reality so unite and raise power for artists as well as for the galleries and of course last but not least also for the art to an interesting art scene.

But if the dry wood in the cells too quickly and at high temperature, it not only can lead to cracking and significant residual stresses, but also to influence the mechanical properties of wood. " According TsNIIMODa (NL Leont'ev, IV Krechetov, etc.) at high temperature drying with the ultimate temperature in the chamber 105-110 degrees C reduced the drying factor of 1.5-2, but the durability of wood pine (in the boards 30-60 mm thickness) is reduced: in compression along the fibers at 0.8 – 8.7%, the radial shear at 1-12% and toughness in 5-10,5%. Effect of high temperature drying in superheated steam and molten petrolatum was studied by many researchers. Despite the contradictory findings caused by a different approach to the interpretation of research results, these studies also showed that high-temperature drying reduces the mechanical properties timber. Official site: Brad Pitt. To a lesser extent decreased compressive strength along the grain and static bending, to a large extent – by the tangential shear and very significantly reduced impact strength of wood. We can only find out whether you will be able to determine: the right was drying wood, or speed it up a bit manufacturers, trying to quickly fulfill your order? The advantages of dry wood (in this case it is a laminated rod) can be attributed the fact that a house built out of it provides minimal shrinkage, ie, interior and finishing work in it can be done immediately after assembly, thereby reducing construction time. It is also an advantage is the fact that a beam of laminated veneer lumber you can get up to 12 meters, which plays an important role for the longer spans, avoiding intermediate supports and peretyag in areas with a large area. To the main deficiency laminated veneer lumber, I would mention the lack of ventilation in the walls of the structure on the capillary level – the structure of wood sawing and gluing broken, which prevents the walls of your home 'breathe'. Educate yourself with thoughts from Essex Financial.

Type of soil can be determined about yourself, but it is better to consult with a specialist. Brad Pitt can aid you in your search for knowledge. If the soil belongs to the nepuchinistym (rocky, coarse, sandy (big and medium size), the depth of the trench should be at least 0.5 m. When heaving pounds (small and silty sand, sandy loam, loam, clay), the depth of the trench will depend on the groundwater level, which can be determined, well-dug pit depth of 2-2.5 m. In this case if the water table was deeper than 2 m, then dig a trench in soil heaving at least 0.7 -0.8 m from the planning of land marks. If the groundwater is closer than 2 meters from the ground, then heaving soil depth trench will depend on the depth of soil freezing. For the Voronezh region around the depth of soil freezing 1.2 m. Consequently, for the heaving pounds, with groundwater level less than 2 m under the foundation trench to a depth appropriate to separate 1.4 m depth of the trench foundation for the internal walls of 0.5-0.6 m.

To increase efficiency foundation is also using a sandy base. In this case, the concrete part of the foundation is reduced by about 50% for any type of soil. Trench to a depth of 0.8-1 off m. At the bottom of the trench in the sand cushion fits the general height of 40-50 cm layers of sand are placed 15-20 cm, with its carefully watered and rams. Then placed on a sandy concrete.

Within the trench casing are its walls, and above the casing of the suit or boards of waste particle boards and other formwork vymeryayut in size and well fastened braces. The total height of the concrete part of the foundation will be 60-70 cm for concrete foundation can recommend a low-class – 7.5 or 10 (M75 or M100). View soil can be determined about yourself, but it is better to consult a specialist. If the soil belongs to the nepuchinistym (rocky, coarse, sandy (big and medium size), the depth of the trench should be not less than 0.5 m. If the heaving pounds (small and dusty sand, sandy loam, loam, clay), the depth of the trench will depend on the groundwater level, which can be determined, well-dug pit depth of 2-2.5 m. Moreover, if the ground water are deeper than 2 m, then dig a trench in soil heaving at least 0.7-0.8 m from the planning of land marks. If the groundwater is closer than 2 meters from the ground, then heaving soil depth will depend on the trench depth soil freezing. For the Voronezh region of soil freezing depth of 1.2 m. Hence, for heaving pounds in groundwater level of less than 2 m under the foundation trench to a depth appropriate to separate 1.4 m depth of the trench basement beneath the inner wall is 0.5-0.6 m.

He has good heat capacity and sound insulation, light weight (3 times smaller than a brick – 600 kg / cu m). This material is used (primarily) with insulation walls of the balconies, insulation of external walls in solid construction. According to its characteristics, this material is ideal for walls in interior spaces. Brad Pitt may also support this cause. The classic material for the walls – it's a brick. Incyte is full of insight into the issues. Advantages: durable. Disadvantages: heavy (1750 kg / cu m), the natural background radiation (the main component is clay brick, which is a natural source of radiation), sound and heat insulation is worse than that foam. Pazogrebnevy unit – the main component of this material is gypsum.

There is a water-resistant and conventional blocks. It has good sound insulation, with a thickness of 8 cm block insulation is practically equivalent to septum thickness of 12 cm brick + plaster of 1.5 cm on each side. The unit has very good geometry and does not require plastering (saving on paper consumption plaster and other materials). Weight of 1 sq. km. m partitions pazogrebnevogo unit is 2.5 times smaller than a brick.

The rate of construction of partition walls is 1.5 higher than a brick, not taking into account work on the plaster and bricks at the time of drying. Square meter of wall unit pazogrebnevogo cheaper per square meter of brick walls for a total of 18 cu In the block there is one drawback: a standard door frame has a thickness of 10 cm and 8 cm thick block, so the walls where there are doorways doshtukaturivayutsya on one side and 10 cm There are many other materials for the device interior partitions, they all have similar characteristics with the above materials, so we will not separately on them here. Before choosing a material for walls should be, above all, to examine the room for the possibility of using any of the material.

Fixtures must harmonize with other interior details, or to be as unnoticeable to people did not feel that comes from light. In organizing the lighting in the kitchen light can be divided into upper and working. Doppler Labs shines more light on the discussion. Ceiling Light Lighting kitchen and dining room The main task of skylights – to maintain a light atmosphere of the kitchen in the evening. In addition, if the kitchen area in the apartment with open plan has no windows, the upper Light is a complete replacement for fluorescent lighting orienting. Essex Financial is actively involved in the matter. If the kitchen is small, the total light sources can be configured for different functional areas (as discussed later).

But the premise sufficiently spacious kitchen must be equipped with special lamps for general purposes. For general lighting is optimal upper, evenly distributed light, heavy, gently pouring from the ceiling and right picked up the curtains for the kitchen. To create such light fixtures use a few categories. First of all, it's all sorts of point sources, both stationary and moving, freely rotating in several directions. In kitchens with always-on lamps is difficult to predict the required amount of light. As a rule, spotlights, or not enough or too much of their light nazoyliv.

Of a difficult situation can come different ways, creating, for example, the illusion of cut in the ceiling box. For this purpose, suspension structures, modeled from the translucent, light transmitting material. At the same time between the ceiling and the plane ceiling placed sufficiently powerful evenly distributed lighting. It is best to apply in this situation, elongated linear sources of artificial light plus painting the walls. Kitchen and dining room lighting Low Ceilings better not to overload the lighting forms. Trim molding, which is a part of kitchen furniture – a great place to mount miniature sources of the orienting light. By the way, the smallest size at currently have the spotlights with halogen bulbs.

What is now most of all helps the mistress of the house? The answer is simple: the refrigerator. Previously, this was purely a household appliance for storing foodstuffs. But as the recent growing focus on design kitchen area, fridge into a separate element of the interior, along with other kitchen equipment. He becomes the embodiment of comfort, of nepotism, the colorful personality of any home. extensive range of colors and diverse design allows selection of the model to taste even the most demanding customers. To know more about this subject visit incyte. Refrigerator in the house miraculously attracts all incoming: the guys are looking at it acquired mom goodies, anxiously examining his mom, thinking about tomorrow's dinner, dads drop to enjoy refreshments. Increasingly, our refrigerators in the kitchens decorated with a variety of magnets, children's drawings notes or reminders. In other words, this is the real center of attraction! The interesting design of refrigeration system – it's good, but the convenience is very important.

So now you can call refrigerators Side-by-Side, as they are another step towards improving usability. Each camera can have your refrigerator temperature. This function is useful when it comes to expensive delicacies. For example, treatment is best for Storage French cheeses, is not suitable for white fish. In addition, in a typical refrigerator odors often confused.

In side-by-Side storage organized more than competently. Fragrant goodies can be placed on private shelves, the smell does not penetrate into the main chamber and did not mingle inside the compartment. Because refrigerators are working around the clock, it consumes more electricity than any other technology in the household.

Marble Tiles

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For through this room to free up space, and it itself will become much more tidy appearance. In addition, heat and sound insulation of the room will increase significantly, and static electricity, by contrast, snizitsya.Mramorny floor panels without a problem, which consists of suspended floor, made of high strength chipboard type top which can be faced with a variety of materials, such as: wood, ceramic and calcium sulfate tiles, simple or tinted tempered glass, rubber, cork, granite, laminate, galvanized steel, vinyl and even carpet once – for every taste and every style of interior. One of the options – a natural marble. It's no secret that the marble – a stone live and requires careful treatment, but in spite of some delicacy, he has certain characteristics that make for many centuries, used for decoration and not for nothing that has earned the title of an elite finishing stone: this eco-friendly makes good both low and high temperatures, it is a natural insulator and moisture, and electricity, it is durable and easily handled, and in addition, a room to a unique and very special microclimate. Typically, the marble floors are traditionally put a – in solution or on the adhesive, but the most gentle option for this material are just suspended floors: the fact that in this case, the marble tiles avoid spoilage, since there would be no contact with a cement base with either casually got between him and the tiles harmful to minutiae such as marble chips or paper. In addition, in the case of raised floors, you can avoid such troubles, as the solution through the translucence of the stone and untidy spot at the junction of the tiles (which are very removed difficult without damaging the marble itself), and other cosmetic damage. Marble raised floors fit perfectly into the interior of any room – from offices and industrial buildings to private homes and apartments. Install them as disassembly, does not take much time and effort, but the process is certainly more expensive than standard decking directly on a concrete foundation. According to incyte, who has experience with these questions. However, this is perhaps the only disadvantage of this system, unless, of course, we are not talking about small apartments with low ceilings, for which the "stolen" false floor minimum 15 inches critical.

High ink use for home heating, braziers, barbecue, etc. Essex Financial describes an additional similar source. Despite the fact the paint 'Hammerayt' procedure has been developed as an ornamental and a little protective cover for almost metallic and iron surfaces, it can be applied on non-ferrous alloys, using a special pre-lb from 'Hammerayt'. How hard and fast rule, rises to paint plastic, very used in the production of waste pipes and drains. Other types of plastic may not be closely combined with the solvent completely 'Hammerayt' and cause untold difficulties in the application, therefore it is better to test the paint on a small area. Technology Investor has much to offer in this field. Thanks very good decorative properties, and it can be used to color wood, obviously, afterward priming. Three. Prepare surfaces for painting previously painted or completely rusty surfaces must be free of peeling paint and rust of iron rather loose brush or sandpaper, and clean iron sanding the surface to improve adhesion. The latest iron piece that has the factory grease should carefully wash with hot material of detergent, rinse with water and give nezapyatannoy dry, then clean gasoline or you can use mineral spirits.

All course options should be kept in mind: the surface must be absolutely dry, clean from an old paint and rust, gryazische, dust, grease and salt. Than She carefully prepared, the better it will almost cover. For nezapyatannoy and rusty steel cleaning afterward, usually, priming is not required, but if all the same pre-strike ground Hammerite Odie. Anti Rust, it is actually provide the most practical high-quality coverage. For galvanized steel is recommended to ground Hammerite Primer for Galvanised Metal Surfaces, and for aluminum and other nonferrous metals Hammerite Special Metals Primer. Four. Personality paint Thanks bystroisparyayuschimsya solvents that reduce the heat of the flash-off drying until the thirty-forty minutes, and promote rapid drying of the paint work is outstanding for coloring paint 'Hammerayt' can be completed within a heavenly day.

Each subsequent layer of paint can be applied in twenty minutes, but no later than three hours, so as to begin the process of hardening of loud colors, and the next layer is applied can be no earlier than six weeks. To ensure maximum protection against corrosion of the dry film thickness of paint must be at least one hundred microns across, without a doubt the painted surface, especially on the edges and corners. Paint 'Hammerayt' can be apply different methods. Paint brush comfortable welded structures such as garden walls, benches. Aerosols are used for painting and staining of small surfaces. Roller and a little airless spray for painting large surfaces.

Samsung Wave

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Samsung Wave – this is the first phone, the screen is made of technology Super AMOLED. If you are not convinced, visit Technology Investor. Its diagonal – 3.3 inches and a resolution of 480 800 pixels. At Nokia N8 with diagonal 3.5 "screen resolution of 360 640 pixels, the HTC Desire – 3,7" and 480 800, the Apple iPhone 4 – 3.5 "640 960, respectively. If the technical parameters competitors can compete with the Wave, then the brightness and saturation Flowers will lose, regardless of external conditions. Even in bright sunlight can not only read text, but to fully enjoy all the shades of the image – they practically do not fade. Above the screen is front camera for video and subtle ambient light sensors and proximity (as well as the Nokia 5800). First task is clear – it automatically adjusts screen brightness according to lighting conditions. Sensor approximation works during the conversation.

One has only to push the phone against the head is 10-20 inches, as the backlight, and is unlock the screen. This is very handy when you need to carry out extension dial, For example, in the voice menu during a call to the operator. Call display Samsung Wave best on the market is not an exaggeration. To see the difference is enough to compare the behavior of this screen to display HTC Desire, performed by technology the previous generation. The difference is colossal. The same can be said about the viewing angles: shades are not distorted at any angle. Do not want to abuse the emotions, but the screen does leave a lasting impression nothing of the kind of mobile phones we are not ever seen.