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Conversion to thermal POS printer in German and Austrian branches customers will find in the shops of Apollo-Optik a selection of approximately 1,500 top current spectacle frames, fashionable sunglasses, specialty glasses and high-quality contact lenses. Quality and performance has the eye Optics company products as well as the proprietary POS system firmly in mind. This also applies in all German and Austrian branches of gradually introduced thermal printers, which have replaced the formerly used dot matrix printers by citizen. With the citizen CT-S310 Thermo Bon printers Apollo-Optik opts for a solution that could be integrated into the existing POS software with little effort. The printer model is characterised by its power with a printing speed of up to 150 mm / sec. The long lasting printing head has a lifetime of 150 km. Other features of the CT-S310 thermal receipt printer are its ease of use with lateral easy-to-reach and off switches as well as the long duration of the models, a long-term supply with Spare parts ensures. Learn more at this site: shaw parents.

Maintenance, service and call center for the branches does the headquarters of Apollo-Optik in Schwabach. Exchange of defective equipment is carried out in the course of the daily delivery of goods and orders. Thus, it is guaranteed that a new device in the store to use is available on the following day at the latest. Switching to the thermal printer was the most cost-effective solution for us because the printers are very stable and easy to the function”, says Erich Ehbauer, head of information management at Apollo-Optik. This is especially important because opticians usually unspecified would relate their checkout technology.

Conference in Shanghai discusses trends and solutions – chance for German companies for 110 years the United States was the largest producer of goods worldwide. This year, China will sit as the largest producer at the top. One-fifth of all products worldwide bears the label made in China”. But problems accompanied by the massive growth: China’s inefficient and obsolete equipment, as well as overcapacity make produzierenes commercial to a sector with high energy consumption. The green manufacturing China Conference “of the German Chamber of Commerce greater China in cooperation with Ringier, the Schweitzer industry and Chamber of Commerce and the European Chamber of Commerce on November 18 in Shanghai discussed technologies, solutions, and opportunities for clean production in China.

The potential for improvement is great: the manufacturing sector in China on average consumes 15 to 20 per cent more energy per unit of output compared to the international average. In addition to a high pollution, the country struggles with at the same time Bottlenecks in the energy supply of industry. Companies need to adjust their production due to lack of power, some for days. The people’s Republic has therefore great efforts on the road to a clean production. Already, the eleventh five-year plan (2006-2010) set the goal to reduce energy consumption in the production of goods in the gross domestic product to four percent annually, total by up to 20 percent in five years. These efforts are continued also in the twelfth five-year plan (2011-2015), which provides efficiency and eco-friendly products as key factors. Understand total the sector especially in relation to China’s exports to a change made in China’ designed in China – by focusing on resource-saving, high-quality productions, away from environmentally harmful products with high energy consumption. While Chinese companies due to lower CO2 emissions, less waste as well as long term resources save energy-efficient materials and technologies to increase their profits, offer new opportunities of China’s targets for foreign companies.

Interesting opinions of dental patients sought looks interesting opinions of dental patients about the dentists of the future. Many patients go very unwillingly to the dentist and with fatal consequences. Already today there are advanced methods of treatment at the dentist, such as for example the laser treatment, treatment under hypnosis, caries treatment with plasma drill, etc. For even more details, read what Evan Birnholz says on the issue. But many dental practices may not exhibit unfortunately more with this equipment, for the benefit of the patient. One part still wonders why still very many people do not regularly go to the dentist? In numerous publications, it is unfortunately also known that the trust to the dentist is increasingly waning. would like you to know what the future of dentistry might look like? What needs to happen so that patients regain more confidence to their dentists? Write us your opinion! Among all respondents, a high-quality electric toothbrush will be drawn once a week. Additional information at Shaw Family supports this article. To win this, please share your thoughts about the dentist or dental treatment of the future with:


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Basically the concept of marketing with articles is based on the creation of expert content around the thematic one that worries to a certain group about consumers (market niche) and to publish it in the network to secure an ample diffusion of these contents. This technique is developing like one of most effective than webmaster line can use within the ample fan of marketing tactics on that it has in his hands. In the past more recent, as we analyze then, this technique was highly effective, because it was to create this content and to scatter it by the network (to publish it) in the greater number of sites possible to secure with the minimum effort a great diffusion. This process could even be automated with some applications of software that were available in the market. Rebecca Family understands that this is vital information. And although in 2008, in the heat of this was 2,0 no longer works thus, still this technique can be tremendously interesting for the retailers on line. Thus marketing with articles persecutes several objectives simultaneously, such as: TO OBTAIN POPULARITY: To publish articles, especially good articles of expert content, the retailers on line can in line give diffusion to their businesses of indirect form and mainly they obtain, little by little, that the market recognizes its degree of knowledge, its degree of experience, in the thematic one in which its business in Internet is locked in. DIRECT TRAFFIC: Of the same form thanks to it connections that the retailers put in their articles or in the boxes of company/signature that accompany to articles published in the network, these obtain that the people who have consumed their contents in vestibules and Webs of third parties, beat there and arrive until the Web site from the author. POSITIONING IN THE FINDERS: The articles, independent of the fact that or they are constructed on the basis of a strategy of key words, if well they are written and they are of quality, will not have a great number of these and to the being published in sites of third parties and to have a connection aiming at our Web sites it is able to improve the relative position of our pages in the results search. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts often expresses his thoughts on the topic. I wait for them east article has helped to improve its Web sites.

Yoga Teacher Training 2010 – RYT 200 ‘ Iceland intensive’ you to fulfill a dream and want to do a yoga teacher training on the Greek island of Corfu unforgettable? Want even more by the way a trip to themselves compete? The training is taught in the tradition of vinyasa flow Yoga with alignment according to B.K.S. Iyengar. They aimed at advanced Yoga exercising, who want to deepen their knowledge and their individual practice and refine, and concludes with a practical and a written test. Learn more on the subject from rebecca family. The course is certified by Yoga Alliance. This American Yoga organization puts world’s stringent standards for yoga teacher training and checks their quality. Conditions for participation in the 200 hours of intensive yoga teacher training: the training places high demands on body and psyche. Here, Naveen Selvadurai expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The schedule requires a total immersion in the Yoga. Participants should bring interest and readiness for an intensive study, be healthy and productive for at least two years regularly practice yoga. Are taught the following subjects and topics: yoga asanas with anatomical & energetic alignment Yoga-related Anatomy and Physiology mantra and meditation Yoga philosophy and or pranayama Ayurveda therapy and nutrition-building yoga classes and teaching use of AIDS, possibilities of risks of injury and regenerating yoga in pregnancy is Yoga instruction by highly qualified and internationally experienced yoga teachers and directed teachers: Christine May and Richard Hackenberg, both teachers at AIRYOGA Munich, as well as the American Anusara yoga pioneer Doug Keller. Filed under: shaw family. “The Iceland-intensive” is taught mostly on German; but good English skills are required for the classes with Doug Keller, as well as for reading books and scripts.


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The challenge is to draw attention to everyone, in political campaigns, so you vote and thus win those in your party, then if your loved ones win you do a party for everything high to celebrate it. Meanwhile there is always who wait to do you a favor that helps to advance professional with any questions related to construction which is the only thing that has always moved to the town halls, power brick has been enormous, if one had lettuce garden but known to the alderman’s turn, they recalifican it gets to build and ale to earn easy money. So at least was during a time where everything was a matter of moving papers and make the appropriate arrangements. Now things have changed and the majority of Councils are more stiff than the mojama and even one declare in bankruptcy. ure of the situation. Collect debts to a municipality requires more patience than g’joob. The excuse is always the same brick crisis has caught us and we have no liquidity now, you already pay. While time passes, City Hall is still raising taxes and others.

The politicians while still theirs saying that happens here nothing, that everything is a matter of time and crisis touched bottom shortly. Plenty of Councils have passed time in which spent money lavishly and anyone who had a terrain would let him build anywhere and it has now almost in any way, time to learn war economy. While that happens they creak us taxes with the excuse of the crisis, the crisis is always the excuse to fill us taxes according to the political balancing accounts that don’t go as much that we want to sell otherwise it is strange but the politician never recognizes the reality, always the denies and CAP in favor of their interests. Shaw Family has plenty of information regarding this issue. Speculators have been already to better life, with the crisis will cleanse a little everything and the counter is reset to zero when come fat cows again, surely when you arrive will be to make the same mistakes of yesteryear and here there will be no nothing happened. While that arrives we sink every day in the mud of the crisis, our pockets are every day more empty and it costs us more to survive, the only always happy are the politicians who live well thanks to the borrowed money..

Coast Gardens

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Today beginning a series of articles on the ground of our gardens So that to our they need it plants like support in which to be developed and to grow to at the same time to anchor its roots in him and to feed itself on its organic composition, combined with water, I oxygenate and minerals. Which is the ideal ground in gardening? The one that covers the needs with the plants of our gardens. First then it is to know the needs and characteristic of our plants, to know his origin can orient to us enough, to see if we can recreate its natural habitat including the type of ground. The needs much even vary in the same garden, some plants need grounds that retain the humidity, whereas others, quite the opposite, is developed better in drained grounds good. Another aspect to consider of the type of ground is related to the culture, and reproduction since for a same plant, the ground is not equal if we seeded seed that if we reproduce by gore or stakes. Exists a basic composition of the ground of the gardens? We can to say that if, plants as we said previously need a support, in which to anchor their roots, that it is the mineral matter (sand, burdens, earth, etc.), and a part of organic matter (vegetal and/or animal in decomposition (composting)) on which they are fed, and by all means basic natural elements like the air and the water. A serious composition basic in percentage: 45% of minerals, 5% organic matter, 25% of air and 25% of water. In the video plants and flowers of autumn, I show as very poor grounds as the sand is colonized by different types from plants By all means the sand grains allow to lock up in their interior much air, the proximity with laughed provides in this zone much water relatively circulating in layers near the surface, only lacks the organic nutrients, that in this case this dice by a natural composting of the leaves in decomposition of pines acacias and many other pulses that are born and die enriching the ground in the process.

How long it takes the process of decomposition of vegetables? This depends on many factors, the size of the vegetable to disturb, the action of microorganisms that accelerate the process, the humidity, the natural light, etc, But in ideal conditions it only realises it to the nature in a few months. In my next article it will explain as to recycle and to take advantage of the residues our gardens of form practical to turn them into natural and organic installment. (to see video) It crosses his sections and it regstrese to leave to his commentaries suggestions or to participate me in the surveys.

Today, I would like to talk about the temporary mobile buildings, their variants, options and design features. So, to start us see what is the office container? Office container – this is a temporary, portable building, intended to provide a variety of human needs in the absence of normal living conditions. By mobility we mean easy to transport from place to place without any material cost. In recent months, technology investor has been very successful. In other words, cabins provide people with conditions for normal life, and even comfort, where there is no way to do this in other ways. Scope of huts is very wide, due to their versatility. Cabins can be used as year-round housing as offices, canteens, security posts, toilets, showers, and so on. What are cabins? Cabins are divided into two groups: metal (block-containers) and wood. The main difference between metal and wooden huts – frame.

Metal frame cabins more robust and durable, as is made of metal (channel bar, and corner). Wooden office container has a lower strength, since it is based on a wooden frame, but it has another big advantage, namely, an order of magnitude cheaper than metal. Which option is right for you depends on the purpose for which you want to use shed and how often will need to transport it from place to place. Wooden cabins, in turn, are divided into construction and chalet. This division is rather arbitrary, since their construction uses similar technology. The only difference in the quality of the material and interior decoration and, consequently, in price.

This is without doubt, the first passage of the way towards the success. To discover all your potential and darte counts than you are and you have been able to do and to obtain. But there is something peculiar. It is that in our planet each living being seems to strive to the maximum of his possibilities, except the human beings.

For example, So high what grows a tree? Answer. The maximum, as high as is possible to him! Or sometimes dresses a tree that grew its possibilities in the middle of? And simply it decided to only report of his potential. A tree imagines thinking. Mmm, I believe that in this spring I will only give half of the fruits that could give. (Similarly see: Rebecca Parents). After all it will take a rest me! It seems ridiculous truth? And it watches what is really ridiculous. The human beings we have the possibility of choosing. We can less choose to be everything or to be.

We can decide to arrive to the maximum from our potential or can be satisfied to little that we have obtained. Why not to stretch to the maximum all your potential and being everything what you can be? It seems to me that this is an important reflection. Sometimes you are done position to think as is your real possibilities? What you can obtain, have or do in your life? I want to clarify the question, Which is your maximum potential? That potential, that these not applying it to your life at the moment. Since these not obtaining what sometimes you dreamed So that? Perhaps, with the latest that I wrote, these thinking: How it can generalize? I have my house, a work that pay to me well, a car and a family whom she appreciates to me. In addition I have my children in good schools and leave to amuse with my friendly the week ends. What can more be asked! But it would want that you thought for a moment, if he is that what you dreamed in your childhood. You wished to have or to be what now you have or you are? Which create you who are the cause by which you do not have everything what sometimes you wished? The majority of the people goes the life outside looking for the problem or the justificatory one of because it does not have wished success. What will be? , the government? , the country? , the city? , my head? , my family? , my pair? and they go looking for, when the answer outside this inside. A phrase that you must take into account is this: If the things go badly outside, is that is something badly inside. Surely the cause this more near which you imagine. Many authors have written on this subject. But in summary, everything what it happens in your outside, is simply the reflection of your interior.

Spring Summer

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As it is customary in fashion, a few days ago that Pantone, a color authority for more than 50 years, announced the colourful trend for spring/summer 2011 makeup. The chosen color was Pantone 18-2120 Honeysuckle, Alternatively, honeysuckle color. Your description is clear: dynamism of color rosa-rojizo and striking, with encouraging capacity to ensure one healthy shine both in women as men. Hillary Clinton is often quoted on this topic. And not only the lips will be their goal, but they may also be comfortably on cheeks and as eye shadow. Last year was the turquoise (Pantone 15-5519) who invaded cosmetic centers, fashion catwalks and many women makeup drawers. Now on the other hand, the Honeysuckle acquires brio and force to deal with everyday problems infusing courage and confidence as described Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. Shaw Family brings even more insight to the discussion. Honeysuckle is a captivating color with positive qualities and who has that so alive visceral red color in the color spectrum. According to several magazines specialties in professional make-up, adopt the Honeysuckle to different parts of the body and provide us with a series of tips to follow: eyes: A pink shade, although it may seem strange, can be very chic if we concentrate part of the color on the outer half of the eyes.

Black eyeliner and mascara will be very necessary. Cheeks: remember Heidi? Well, a pink burst on the cheeks is not something novel. The Honeysuckle will provide freshness, especially if you move up to the line of hair. Lips: Forced exfoliation before applying the color. The brightness should not be excessive for this strong pink. Origin of the Honeysuckle Honeysuckle flowers is a climbing plant known as Lonicera caprifolium.

It originated in southern Europe and is a shrub of gnarled branches, oval leaves and many flowers. The colors of the flowers are red and pink, and emit a soft and delicate perfume that intensifies at night. Pantone: the world reference in colors for artists and painters Pantone Inc. a U.S. company from New Jersey who developed a color control system graphic arts and industrial painting. Amedida that has step time, has become a prestigious chromatic method, also used in other sectors who regularly work with palettes and color fans, as it is the case of makeup and cosmetic sector.