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Ahead of this aspect the writers search an energy active in general to continue its proper work and of the literary writing. When approaching ' ' social history of lembrar' ' the study is turned toward the relations established between releitura/reescritura aimed at synchronous of literary history showing with it emphasizes Nietzsche: ' ' the knowledge of the past, in all the times, is only desirable when it is the service of the gift, when it desenraiza the fruitful embryos of futuro' '. The past alone interests and is seen of the point of view of the gift, where it is the life, and the future is initiated of the gift. The synchronous aimed at one of history has been broken of the past in function of the gift. It is the rescue of a moment of the past carried the gift. This is a characteristic of modernity and a position adopted for the historiografia. General history is not said on all, is said inside on a space of time of history, with a look inside of literature.

For the theoreticians, the historicistas present the image of the past and the historical materialist makes of this past an only experience. The gift is not transistion, it stops in the time and if it immobilizes. The known past as in fact was to the being rescued in the gift, has in itself marks of the gift, therefore when rescuing past, provokes readings and when it searchs the past, literature, if becomes gift, last and future elaborating releitura where each one will have the same vision. When bringing the past for the gift inserts in it modernity and the world knowledge making with that it has a reading what causes a vision differentiated of what really happened in the facts and, with this, elaborates it releitura. When elaborating the valorativa reading of the past the modern writer-critical search in the workmanships the presentificidade of the reading, assuming it as releitura and requalification of the past to the light of the values of the gift.

All already must have heard this phrase at some moment of the life. Somebody that ownership of a wallet places in the nose of the other the weight of an authority, supposedly granted for the State and if places above of the laws. It is part of the Brazilian culture and represents a manifestation of being able symbolizing that the State was appropriate for a minority, that for exerting some important function in this institution, considers itself protected for it. It was only after the liberal revolutions, mainly, the French Revolution, is that the state leaves of being the representation of the nobility and its asseclas changedding itself into an institution of all and for all, at least in the philosophical direction. The Swiss philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau in century XIX conceives the State as an artificial institution the service of the law of the order and the sovereign (or the government) is as any citizen, a subject of the law and not above of it. For Rousseau, the individuals are citizens of the State and subjects of the Law there, including the proper ones sovereigns. Unhappyly in Brazil, the State continues representing in imaginary of a good part of our elite (since we do not have more the nobility), institution its service, although that our constitution leaves well clearly that all we are equal before the law. As Sergio Buarque de Hollanda in Roots of Brazil said: liberalism in our country was a great mistake, that is, the elites if had in accordance with appropriated of it its patrimonialistas interests and not as an institution directed toward the society as a whole. This preamble is for entering in the nonsense that occurred in the city of Is Jose of the Fields in the developed state more of the federacy, where a policy commission agent, considering itself above of the law, of any right, did not accept the warning of a cadeirante citizen of whom it had parked the vehicle in private place to the deficient physicists.

' ' It was very, much, I I played n very, but it worked muito.' ' Since very new it already helped its mother in the house works as, for example, to wash and to pass clothes, to take care of of the brothers new and to make biscuits. Since very early Candinha Owner already she learned to act as an adult. Its father always said that everything to it what they had, in the future would go to be of them, its children. Therefore all needed to help in the necessary services. For other opinions and approaches, find out what clinton family has to say. Although much work, Candinha Owner also played sufficiently in the week ends. We feel that when it counted in them of its trick of the infancy and the pranks of the adolescence it remembered of good and satisfactory souvenirs. She counted some times to us on the tricks that they liked to play, on ace times who if hurt playing, also counted that the trick that more liked was sliding and always with much empolgao.

They had been the parts of the interview where it gave more emphasis. Candinha owner tried to the maximum, in all the interview, not to demonstrate no disillusionment to have had that to help its parents since very small. Its infancy always looked for to evidence much happiness in relation. It repeated some times that the life of it was very good. Moment of the interview was only in 01 that we obtain to perceive that it kept to some resentment of its infancy ' ' But people did not have infancy.

Because she was, it was small farm, weeds ' '. The fact of the work to have confused its studies was marked in its memory. Unhappyly at that time the majority of the people liveed in small farm. Then the fact to not only have that to work, but also at a distance until the city it was not favorable.

Feliciano Lopez eliminated Andy Roddick and he already is in eighth of Wimbledon. David Ferrer suffered more of the awaited thing to surpass the young person Ryan Harrison. Rain postponed the party of Nadal when a Seth to zero to Gilles Muller won. The Spanish Feliciano Lopez, number 44 of the world, prevailed in three sets to the eighth favorite in the match of Wimbledon, the American Andy Roddick, by 7-6 (2), 7-6 (2) and 6-4 to be placed in eighth of end, a round that Club did not reach in the All England from 2008. Feliciano Lopez arrived at his appointment with the Power station like better sacador quarter of the championship – with 44 ' aces' written down in his two previous parties and he surpassed to which located as the second player with better service – with 45 direct serves.

Lopez, who gained after two hours and twenty minutes of intense duel, will face in eighth the winner of the encounter between the French Gael Monfils, ninth favorite, and the Pole Lukasz Kubot. Ferrer undergoes before Harrison the seventh favorite in the match of Wimbledon, the Spanish David Ferrer, defeated, after flojear in decisive moments, to the American Ryan Harrison by 6-7 (6), 6-1, 4-6, 6-3 and 6-2 and it was placed by fourth consecutive year in the third round of this Grand Slam. Ferrer, that was worn away in this appointment during three hour and a half distributed in two days, will confront its next examination in the All England Club of London before the Slovak Karol Beck, that Guillermo today retired of the competition to albaceteo Garci’a-Lopez, twenty sixth head of series. Both Spanish they lost the opportunity to be moderate in the field Saturday. Rain postpones the party of Nadal the All England Club decided the suspension of the parties in tracks open pies of the day of this Friday of the match of Wimbledon that were to dispute themselves, including the one of Rafa Nadal, because of rain. Number one of the world will have to finish to its party of third round before the Luxemburgish Gilles east Muller Saturday, because both played in track one, without retractable ceiling like in the Power station, when it began to rain in London, around the 16,40 GMT. At the time of suspension, the great favorite of the match had prevailed in the first Seth, by 7-6 (6), and it finished initiating the first game of the second sleeve. It enters the postponed parties Saturday also is the one of third round of the Argentinean Juan Martin Of the Colt, that had gained the first partisan with difficulties before the French Gilles Simon and was disputing the second when its appointment was interrupted. Source of the news: Feliciano thunders against to Roddick and rain postpones the party of Nadal

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We listen, asentimos and we changed of subject. We never must debate these opinions without relation with the subject. Chapter 8: The closing of the sale When the interview of sales has taken correctly, that arrives a little while in is not possible to continue the negotiation. It is the hour to close the operation. The challenge is in how obtaining the order. If the previous phases have progressed satisfactorily, to close the operation will be easy. The suitable moment of the closing is when an objection has been solved and no longer are more to answer.

We were with two passages for the closing: 1. – To summarize the benefits accepted by the client and the aspects of interest. It consists of enumerating the benefits that the client will obtain with the product or service. 2. – To propose a plan of action, that is to say, to realise one or several supplies that are easily asumibles by the client, considering the spoken thing in the interview. Two types of signals that the client gives us whom she indicates to us that exist already we can realise the closing: 1.

– Physical: smile, to make calculations, to return to watch some detail, to fixedly watch some pamphlet or document that we have given to him, to get up themselves on the table, to touch the chin and to agree with the head. 2. – Verbal: to ask some detail, to put inconsistent objections, commentaries favorable towards the mark, to already make mental arithmetic and references to economic conditions views. Chapter 8: The Technical closing of the sale of it closes of the sale In the previous section we studied which is the suitable moment to realise the closing of the sale, as well as the steps to carry out to take to good term the interview. Now we are going to analyze the closing techniques.

The Sustainable Tourism as a Development Strategy Under the WTO, the principles that define sustainable tourism are: – natural and cultural resources are conserved for continuous use in the future, while reported profits – Tourism development is planned and managed so as not to cause serious environmental or socio-cultural, – The environmental quality is maintained and improved – It seeks to maintain a high level of visitor satisfaction and destination retains its prestige and market potential, and – The benefits of tourism are shared widely throughout society. These features make sustainable tourism a tool for local economic development strategy. On the one hand, tourism is a great opportunity in some areas where there are no other economic activity. In turn, as part of the service sector offers more opportunities for the emergence of local firms (it should be borne in mind that even in more developed countries, this sector is mainly composed of SMEs).And despite being a sector that requires large investments in infrastructure and equipment, also uses labor intensively by offering numerous job opportunities and business for women and youth. The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in its objective of supporting private sector growth is pointer in helping the development of sustainable tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean. Although the existence of numerous sub-sectors (accommodations, food, transportation, activity operators, etc.), and the small size of most undermine the competitiveness of tourism enterprises, the massive development potential this sector has been resolved to the MIF has focused part of his performance in this area and create a cluster of projects under this theme. Through its projects MIF aims to support sustainable tourism development through increased competitiveness of local SMEs in the sector.The focus of action is better integration of different components of the tourism product and increase collaboration between the companies involved, helping to orient its strategy towards diversification of supply and achieving more effective promotion of their destiny through joint business strategies and always with the premise that the development and promotion of tourist products contribute to environmental conservation and cultural heritage.

What I will write a summary of this article exposing the most important of it without distorting what the author (Luis Felipe Argamunt) we wanted to reflect. I hope you enjoy it and if you like please comment and especially thank Luis Argamunt, one of the many excellent teachers that have our faculty. Luis begins by telling the state because we are experiencing is called CRASH, and not like most who call CRISIS. And puts it as follows: The crisis is basically a time of change a reality organized a structure which, although has a certain predictability, in turn maintains a degree of uncertainty. In simple terms we would say that a crisis is the abandonment of the old without us knowing very well how long and how it’s: good or bad. Crises are not necessarily bad, and often are positive signs of change ahead. CRASH But the term refers to an event even more traumatic, most unexpected and significant and irreversible in its effects. The term “crash” call a bankruptcy, a break. A crash is bad, there just is rescued from the lessons of what not to do. We understand what is happening at this time was predictable. But it does not and is more like a car accident (a crash). Let’s see: we were driving so risky (the financial world and we mean business), an ever more insane, skating on skates, for the worse on shaky ground, rain and more and more speed. In that context it was unlikely that something bad happened, but it was “politically incorrect” to speak, with stock market indicators by clouds foolanyone want to go through predicting a negative future. Better to close your eyes and pretend to be brave, total …were all above the car, it was not possible that we all went wrong at the same time. And the accident came as reaching all suddenly not wait even though we knew it could happen. The accident happened just around the corner, at the first corner we thought we could get close to the speed we were coming and maintaining control (the bankruptcy of Lehmann Brothers), although it was raining and we were determined that the road was slippery ( because we were from some major upheavals in the Asian crises of 1997, the companies, 2001, the fall in prices of 2003 that prompted the reduction of interest rates and the existence of increasing flows of funds and poor indicators since late 2007). It happened unexpectedly although we knew that would happen. After the initial impact, the accident continued with spins (Europe, Latin America, Asia), and created a mess of everything that was inside and came loose. Meanwhile, beat passers ignorant of the risks of this infernal machine launched at speed (small investors, SMEs in many countries, developed and undeveloped, and others), and revealed that traffic police were making ( we mean the regulators, the Henry Paulson – Former U.S. Treasury Secretary in the Bush administration – and others), who seeing the risks of that breaking boundaries and going beyond vehicle licensing, those officers, continued to monitor the toll booths for no one entered the highway without paying.

old fashioned phoneWhen I was a kid I loved hearing my grandparents tell me how different the world was now then from when they were kids my age. I always tried to imagine a world without telephones, television, movies, cars, air travel, and who knows what else. In the past 40 years and even less, the world has changed again in even more incredible ways. Because of computers and mobile phones and other related devices the way we communicate, acquire information and entertain ourselves bears almost no resemblance to how those things were accomplished just a few decades ago. Back in the mid to late 1980s I actually read a book which supposedly explained why “You Do Not Need a Computer.” The book argued that there was very little a computer could do for you that you couldn’t do for yourself with just a nice pen and a pad of paper. Well we have certainly come light years from that moment in time.

Hopefully this blog will be the opposite of that book. We will instead be trying to look deeply into the foggy future to struggle for a glimpse of where we are heading and what we can expect from today’s rapidly changing hi-tech world.