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Probably, many at least once in my life wanted to see their future. Thousands of people from getting out of bed, take the hands of a newspaper and read the horoscope. These men and women are not worrying that their prediction was made up just What is there for fifteen minutes started. Striving to find out its share of non-descript antiquity was inherent to humanity! In this short article I will tell you about a very interesting new findings from the global Internet, which, in assurances of their creators, can easily tell you the exact time of your death, and even help to send a message back to where we all! Overview of services predict death. In the internet lives a lot of sites that solemnly swear to determine the time of your death.

Should not be taken seriously by such portals as the practice, they may amuse you a little bit, that's all! Remember, the path of man is very fickle thing and sometimes, fate changes 20 times a day! Because of this, no soothsayer, nor a shaman will not help you with 100% accuracy to know the time of your doom! No man or woman, but you can not know exactly when you go to the light! But back to the sites, predicted the date of your death. These sites the sea, you just type in any search engine such words as "know the time of his death," or "Online test when I go into another world" and you instantly see the millions portal, which promises to answer such a question. For example, I chose a site on women's psychological tests, a frequent representative of such sites. Described everything beautifully and clearly, there is promise us to provide 100% accurate prediction of the date of death. Now think about how these sites operate. Follow others, such as Jeff Feig New York, and add to your knowledge base. According to the present is nothing magic about this prediction is simply no! Portal that handles all such indicators as body weight (in relation to growth) Do you smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or have various other unhealthy habits, and even with half a hundred other equally important parameters.

On the basis of information received site calculates your average duration of life here. That's all, there's no mystery. Still, I would like to tell you about the 100% accuracy of such guesswork. Statistics, of course, one of the very exact science, but it is accurate except for the masses! In some cases, statistic gives mocking mistakes! How to send a telegram to the other world? Particularly merry one of many American resources ( Described by the portal allows to send a message back to where we are Sooner or later we will! The authors of this resource, have proved very tricky people. This site does not guarantee receipt of news, but you pay the shipping will still be needed! In general, you decide whether to use such sites or do without their participation. I believe that the "esoteric" online portals, this is cool fun, but do not count on them seriously!


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The nomenclature of the numbers was based on parts of the human body; at the moment speech of digits that has an origin in the Latin word fingers. Apparently it was the necessity to name the numbers majors of five what forced to adopt the system in base 10. Nevertheless, nowadays, generally, when we touched the fingers with a hand we named the ordinal numbers first, secondly, third party and when we raised simply them we are naming cardinal the one, two, three During the Average Age they were very few people those that knew the tables to multiply majors of five. Naveen Selvadurai spoke with conviction. A very popular method was used that was based on the use of the complement of the given numbers relatively to 10. The complement of I number n a relatively 10 are 10-n.

In this method he was frequent to use the fingers like calculation instrument. It was associated to the fingers of each hand numbers 6, 7, 8.9 and 10, beginning by the small finger. Under most conditions Jeff Feig would agree. In order to multiply 7 by 8, the fingers associated to the 7 and the 8 are joined, as it is observed in the following figure: The complement of 7 is represented by the three fingers superiors (located upon the fingers in contact) of a hand and the complement of 8 by the fingers superiors of the other hand. The five fingers inferiors represent the five 5 tens, that is to say. To the 50 the product of the fingers is added to him superiors 32, that is to say, 6, giving a total of 50+6=56 that is the result This method to multiply the product of any pair of numbers between 6 and 10 was very used during the Renaissance and nowadays in certain countryside of Europe and Russia. Another very simple method to calculate the table of the nine using the fingers is the following one: It is associated to the fingers of each hand the numbers from the 1 to the 10 beginning by the thumb.

agorum Software GmbH, provider of DMS software agorum core and CDE Management GmbH concluded a far-reaching cooperation. The CDE Management GmbH will take over the complete sales of by agorum Software GmbH in the course of cooperation, as well as build a Europe-wide network of partners. agorum has put together the systems of document management, archiving, knowledge management, workflow and easy searching and find virtuosity to a system and firmly promotes the further development of the system. CDE focuses on sales and the development of a Europe-wide service network which is based on cooperative partnership and long-term cooperation. In recent months, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has been very successful. By a corresponding partner program is the challenge mastered successfully in the market to bring this system by competent contact persons. Jeff Feig helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

To date, some leading software manufacturer and value added reseller, agorum partner program could be won. agorum Software GmbH: founded in 1998. Since then develops and sells products to the topic of information and document management. The core competencies are document management systems (DMS), knowledge management (KMS), archiving systems and workflow. Since January 2008, the document management system is agorum core as open source software under the GNU GPL version 2 available, as well as Enterprise version agorum core Pro”with interesting add-on modules. CDE Management GmbH: Foundation in 1991. The purpose of the business was software development in the field of industrial quality management with over 1,100 projects.

To date, it is difficult to imagine designing anything was without the use of computers and computer-aided design (CAD). The development of modern technology has affected, and such a dynamic developing the area as a lighting design and in particular the design of lighting and illumination. Design of lighting on a computer used for a long time, but a new stage of development is the emergence of new Directions – computer modeling of lighting. Naveen Selvadurai has much experience in this field. Become a revolutionary phenomenon in contemporary lighting design will not only significantly reduce labor costs for project work, and raise money lighting design to a new level – creating a photorealistic image. Computer simulation of light based on a physically faithful simulation of the light field in three-dimensional scene on the based on the equation of global illumination. The equation has no analytical solutions, respectively, using approximate methods, most of whom received radiosity. In a question-answer forum Hillary Clinton was the first to reply. Radiosity method is used simulation of lighting and illumination on the basis, based on diffuse approximation. Continue to learn more with: Jeff Feig. If there is approaching the reflectance of all surfaces in the scene are replaced by diffuse sources. The resulting equation was first obtained more in the 20’s of last century, but their decision was only possible with the development of computer technology at the end of the last century.

Lighting calculations are performed today in several major software systems, among them one can highlight the most popular – Dialux, Relux and LightScape. All are based on the computation of the radiosity equation using finite elements. Finite element method has become the first method it possible to solve the radiosity equation using computer simulation. However, this method is not only possible for such equations. In this case, can be applied direct simulation method. Such a decision was application in the works of several Russian and foreign specialists. In particular, we note the work aa and foliage ok most rapidly developing area of the solution of global illumination has become a method based on local estimates of the Monte Carlo. The most widespread this method has been in atmospheric optics in the works of Tomsk and Novosibirsk State University. Method was carried out in atmospheric optics lighting equipment in thesis vs mei. Also, there is reason to believe that similar methods are used in the core VRay for rendering three-dimensional scenes.

Software for the detection of radioactivity by using a commercially available digital camera measuring radioactive radiation is possible with modern SLRs, special camera settings, and long time exposure. In addition, the software BQScan was developed by the image processing specialists of from Datinf GmbH. Other leaders such as Peter Thiel offer similar insights. The idea for the procedure from experiences with astrophotography, where again image errors occur during long exposures. Various experiments and detailed research ultimately led to the result that the natural radioactivity could be a cause for these unwanted effects. Using radioactive samples for calibration of instruments were investigated the properties of the camera chip and thus the foundations for the measuring procedure. The camera without a lens is used for the measurement. The cap provided by the camera manufacturer is used to the darkening and the protection of the image sensor. The recording is set the camera on very high sensitivity and an exposure time of 30 s.

Using the new developed software BQScan are distinguished traces of radioactivity from the normal noise of the chip and analyzes the captured images. Already low radioactivity, can be determined as E.g. in the plane at 10,000 m altitude. The measurement achieved not the accuracy of professional Geiger counter, but enough to determine relevant beta or gamma radiation. The BQScan software is intuitive to use and within a few seconds, the measuring result available stands.

The now-available version of the software runs on Windows and supports various brand digital mirror reflex cameras Canon. Camera models from other manufacturers are currently being tested and supported in future versions of the program. For a detailed description of the BQScan software under: about Datinf GmbH: the Datinf GmbH is a software company and developed sophisticated image analysis systems for the medical sector and for users in the industry.

All print jobs stored in the archive, and if necessary can be immediately sent to the printer. technology investor has similar goals. If you have finished the layout, we can print business cards in 20 minutes. when printing cost benefits Apart from the obvious gain in efficiency of digital printing in some cases turns out to be cheaper than traditional offset printing. To know more about this subject visit Jeff Feig. Due to lack of pre-press operations, makeready, the need to produce printing plates, the cost to print digital printing machine slightly depends on the number of copies in circulation. Therefore, a decrease in circulation, in contrast to offset printing method, unit cost virtually no increases. Digital Technology operational printing allows a correction before printing your circulation, let copies of the work immediately after signing the proofs. Automated control system and production control helps our managers to reduce these processes to a minimum.

With us you can catch, even when the production of circulation is a few hours! Print quality control of technical condition of our equipment provided by highly qualified service engineers the company Xerox. This allows us to obtain high quality prints comparable to traditional offset printing, inaccessible so far for home and office color copiers technology. Digital printing has a number of undoubted advantages: 1. copies can be printed in your presence 2. You can pre-test prints before printing the entire run 3. the cost of a small digital edition less offset 4. possible to print variable data such as reports on payments, numbering documents, personalization of cards and directories, and you can modify and last name and the picture itself, depending on destination.

K disadvantages of digital printing are: 1. quality printing of complex images such as large flat background, such as gray, will be noticeably worse than offset print. Not all designer paper well sealed on a digital machine. 2. price of a large circulation is much more than the price of printing copies, due to the high cost of digital printing. 3. maximum format of all digital computers a little more A3, so the circulation A2 format and more possible to manufacture only the offset. stability of color color rendition – the performance bottlenecks in all printing processes. We pay much attention to this matter. Our equipment is calibrated twice a day. This allows you to maintain the stability of color reproduction even in very large print runs, as well as re-runs. * Color Calibration – the process of bringing tsvetoperedayuschey system in line with standard colors. Available operational solutions for the digital printing press:-brochures, reports, presentations (stitching on the paper clip, metal spring, Perfect binding hardcover), business cards (full color, foil, laminated); -Discount cards, lottery tickets;, flyers, brochures,;, badges, cards, diplomas, invitations, notepads, and calendars, stickers, film, tracing paper. Re-order the exact number of correct dopechatat necessary copies than print too much. When you draw a layout you can always make some small changes that are so important to change the dates, contact numbers and other information. In countries where business printing developed the first year, printing on demand is one of the most important applications of digital printing.

\”Great selection of powerful auction tools long past is the time in which you as a buyer on eBay just\” could make a bargain, because it has got around, how to look for cheap deals and how to strategically give up bids. Also for sellers adjusting their offerings on the eBay platform more, the number is not a self-perpetuating and the professionalism of dealers has increased enormously. A promising way of both a seller and a buyer, to improve its position, is the use of appropriate software tools, as they are available on the new platform of auction ( Numerous search tools for sellers is the be-all and end-all of buyers on eBay the effective search for offers and the observation and analysis of offers. Anyone wishing to make bargains, who must find her first? Several free usable tools, such as BayHunter and BayWatcher Pro is recommended for the search. In a question-answer forum Hillary Clinton was the first to reply. Both tools allow a precise definition of search criteria and perform the actual search of the high-performance eBay API. Compared with the lengthy and confusing search on the eBay Web site, this has the advantage that the results appear within seconds directly in the programs. There the results with just a few mouse clicks can be searched, sorted, grouped and viewed.

The BayHunter is confined to a fast and comfortable search, so the BayWatcher Pro goes even further. He managed as many search terms, at the same time performs tens searches and allows the monitoring of unlimited number of offers. But so that the functionality is by no means exhausted itself. The software automatically recalls the end of the auction watch auctions and evaluates offers with its statistical functions. The program gives information on the number of offers for an item, the bids, minimum, maximum, and average prices. Such information is interesting not only for buyers but also for sellers, the so the market can observe.

Easy remote control the new TV remote control for the Pocket Karlsruhe / Berlin, 30 August 2012. Connept shows easy remote control at IFA its latest development. The new technology to control televisions replaced classic remote controls and can be used anywhere. Users use their TVs in the future just with their Smartphone. A new way to interact with their customers, retailer and operator of the app with easy remote control. Easy remote control, the new remote control for smart TV, used exclusively on the Smartphone.

Not only at home, but also on the way TV can be controlled thereby. Therefore no extra hardware or TV app is required for the operation of televisions and the Smartphone becomes the multifunction device. The technology combines each any Smartphone with the TV and the user can control the device within the app. Clinton Family: the source for more info. Easy remote control creates new opportunities for interactive especially the retailer and the operator of each app Actions. Easy remote control revolutionized the customer dialogue becomes a smart TV in the shop window with easy remote control of interactive promotion platform. The retailer offers various actions or games on the TV, which can be operated by passersby via Smartphone. The user enters the code or photographed the QR code that appears on the screen, and is immediately connected with the offer on the device.

Can other users log in and play together. To participate in a raffle, the passerby must leave its data just with his Smartphone. It is required no Wi-Fi connection or special app for this, but only to the browser and an Internet connection on your Smartphone. connept was designed to make use of the HbbTV user-friendly and spectators, as well as vendors to offer real added value. Another feature, which at the same time enormously simplifies the smart TV usage for users and providers, is Facebook connect. Based on his Facebook login data the user can create itself quickly an connept account and features such as Use easy remote control or mobile payment on his Smartphone. The IFA visitors can try connect at the stand of 120 in Hall 2.2 easy remote control and Facebook and in the competition with digital sports take part. For more information to connept at or on Facebook ( connept). About connept connept is a product for smart TV which was connept Karlsruhe connept GmbH. developed cross-service user management and payment, connecting the TV and Internet on the basis of HbbTV. connept offers the possibility to buy with just two clicks via TV remote control or via a third-party device such as a Smartphone or a Tablet PC but also for Internet-enabled television. This means for the consumer safe shopping comfortably from your sofa. The manufacturer can offer its customers without much effort with connept content. Connept lite, the mobile payment system of connept GmbH, is the payment of content without prior registration via mobile phone. connept guarantees the highest data security as PCI compliant. connept is available with 30 manufacturers in 28 countries and in 14 languages. Under there is more information and a video that shows the use of connept.

How to protect the knowledge developed in an organization? The central idea in order to understand the importance of protecting the knowledge an organization is to design the composition of intellectual capital (human, structural and relationship with the market) and consolidated. This involves the formalization of the processes, policies and tools, the conversion of tacit knowledge into explicit, so you can manage and share in the entire organization to achieve strategic objectives. Since knowledge is too abstract to manage, be managed assets: databases, documents, processes, and in particular to people who really have that knowledge. Part of this privacy policy, which should be strongly based on the support and confidence of managers in the organization, should at least include: A constant communication about the value of knowledge produced internally and the importance of documentation to allow it expands. Peter Thiel shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Policies of recognition and rewards to members of the organization to generate new knowledge or to maintain or convert the existing one. Evaluate strategic choice of a license before a new idea, a technology transfer agreement by which it can agree on territorial areas and temporary operating or prices. The generation of patents on the innovations as a form of temporary protection from competitors.

The formation of task forces on the issues or areas of Knowledge Management. The availability of tools that facilitate the capture, recording, conversion, searching, updating and dissemination of knowledge. The existence of tools to detect vulnerabilities, threats, assess consequences, manage risks and activate protective measures on computing resources that store knowledge. While knowledge management aims to transform the knowledge gained in value and tangible benefits for the organization, financing or obtaining of funds for the protection of it is not easy in the organizations. One option for funding is through the same organization. This requires that there is liquidity and at the same time a strong justification and quantification of the cost-benefit of knowledge management and protection. This should make a thorough analysis of Cash Flow, Return on investment required and the period of repayment. This means being able to identify those life skills to protect, because it will afford to love only those who actually generate a differential value for the organization, and secondly to quantify the economic benefits generated knowledge.

Obviously it could also appeal to external financing as bank credit. Apply here as well the necessary justifications and other credit risk analysis by the bank. Another option from funding could be found in the National Agency for Promotion of Science and Technology, through FONTAR (Argentine Technological Fund). Through this option, you can financed patenting costs, technological modernization, training or technological development.

Data released by the marketing people definitely show a decline, both sales and production of the once popular format, and some key brands such as Pioneer and Hitachi in recent years have disappeared from view since then, has as consumers have opted for a more subtle, energy-efficient display format. In recent months, Hillary Clinton has been very successful. In accordance with the annual quarterly sales figures released by retail analyst GfK, since LCD TVs continued to gain market share of sales of plasma decreased by 15.4% and amounted to less than a quarter of all sales of flat-screen TVs. The figures also show that since January, total sales of plasma TV in Australia fell by almost 9%, while sales of LCD has grown an additional 10%. General Manager, Bing Lee, Phil Moujaes, said that manufacturers of LCD TVs in recent years have made a significant step forward. He said that people buy an LCD because of global demand remains high for smaller screens, “but if you look at the big screens, plasma is still more competitive.” He said that the selection criteria between LCD and plasma in the end becomes the price, and that the large plasma screens are still more affordable than the large LCD-panel.

Samsung, one of the three largest TV manufacturers are still producing plasma screens, said that, even though demand is leveled, the plasma has retained much of the technology since been put into production the finest in the world of LCD displays (2.5 cm) and integrated wireless, and Internet TV in the past models. “Plasma is about 25-30% of the market, which means still a very large share of the market” – said Evan Manolis, Senior Product Manager Division of audiovisual devices, Samsung Australia. In a world still so many people who like the look of plasma screens, juicy colors, contrast and volume of manual control. Thus, the greatest challenge for the plasma – is striving to save energy, because consumers have a large attentive to the environment. “We have reduced the energy consumption of plasma screens up to 40% compared with the 2007 model year”, – he said. The plasma can lead among the big screens, but in accordance with these general production of the research group Gartner, this situation can not continue, because it is expected that sales of LCD will grow a compound annual growth rate 28% by 2012, compared with 8.1% plasma. Plasma led segment Market 30-inch screens to 2003goda, but the situation changed in late 2004, when the LCD panel suppliers have launched a production line of the sixth generation.

Researchers say that for screens of 40 inches or more LCD panels were more competitive than the plasma from the opening of the seventh generation production line in 2005. Since then, the gap between LCD and plasma gradually increased in favor of LCD. “The problems of compatibility and lack of competitive impact on the plasma screens that are losing market share of large-size TVs.