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Also the use of the corresponding CR110 was simplified in the new version remote control. The user interface has been optimized. “The CI carrier can easily between the two operating modes standard” or advanced “switch. The settings for volume and microphone sensitivity can be fixed, the Telecoil can be disabled completely if necessary. On the basis of custom sound 3.2 remote control can be and sound processor now quickly and easily synchronize with each other. So that they can also take advantage of new, makers of the CP810 at the next adjustment date should be update the software of your remote control. Last but not least, eco-friendly and often usable soft pack packaging, which is included in all initial adjustments now belongs to version 3.

This small and lightweight bag offers ample room for accessories of OEM. With the version 3 of our nucleus 5 system we offer “the CI media as well as the doctors and clinicians a variety of enhanced services”, so Dr. Horst Hessel. Their experiences as well as their active participation in the research and development were the starting point for many of the presented innovations. We see as an important part of the lifelong partnership with all our clients. this lively and constructive exchange” Editorial Note: the company cochlear is global market leader in the development and manufacture of cochlear implants (CI). The breakthrough technology of this CI systems allows to listen to children and adults with profound and adjacent to deafness hearing loss. The company was founded in 1982, to the research of Australian Medicine Professor Graeme Clark, the inventor of the multiple-channel cochlear implant, to continue and to market worldwide.

More than 230,000 people in over 100 countries by cochlear hearing solutions bear today. The company employs currently over 2,000 people. Is the German branch of cochlear Hanover. Get all the facts and insights with Adroll Marketing Platform, another great source of information. For more information see. The cochlear implant (CI) is inserted under the skin of the patients, ranging in the inner ear. It transforms spoken words and other acoustic signals into electrical impulses. The auditory nerve is stimulated by these impulses, which is located in the cochlea, the so called cochlear. Each CI also include the language processor that is worn like a hearing aid behind the ear, and the emitter. The CI will open access to the world of hearing and the words spoken born deaf children, as well as highly hearing impaired children and adults. Cochlear Germany GmbH & co. KG, Durdane Erseker, Tel.: + 49 (0) 511 542 77 225, E-Mail: PR Office Martin Schaarschmidt, Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 65 01 77 60, E-Mail:

For what target group it worth a coffee pad machine and therefore a Kaffeepadmaschinen test before buying? First of all, the difference should be clarified. Coffee as you know it from anywhere are filter machines. They work with filters and coffee powder, freshly ground or ready bought is technically no matter, with taste of course some notes stand out and distinguish. Kaffeepadmaschinen are slightly different in principle, here the process is user-friendly. The powder, or other flavors, are locked in a filtering bleb that must be inserted only into the machine.

The hot water is forced through formal and thus pushes the coffee in the Cup. In comparison, there are some advantages, but also some disadvantages in the pad system. Kaffeepadmaschinen manage to fill it just 2 cups in a single pass, with a significantly larger amount of lovers can satisfy the old filter machines. But many praise the fresh and sublime taste of pad coffee compared to the filter. You may want to visit Startapp to increase your knowledge. Anyway is it very beneficial because different flavors and even tea BREW with this system.

This, however, is more expensive than one of filter coffee a pack of pads. But it is worth many, due to the taste and the significant time savings. Just a push of a button is enough and the coffee flows. What must now meet a Padmaschine to pass a Kaffeepadmaschinen test? First, the eye speaks, because it comes first with the unit in contact. Design is a matter of taste of course as always, but if missing features such as overflow grid or the box is bulky and weighs just to tons does not speak for the device. Here who is light and slim and I like the housewife comes next in the Kaffeepadmaschinen test. Robust it is, the machine. The devices without harm must able to withstand a fall from waist level. You should not dare to test your device you best consult the manufacturer on any tests. The device should have a cleaning mode in any case to in the Kaffeepadmaschinen test to pass. Because if lime closes the tubes and cleaning is not possible only repair or Exchange helps. Pay attention to the price, but not only on the device, but also on the coffee or rather the pads. This distinction is often in the price and can save on long visible coin, if a cheaper brand was chosen. For the Kaffeepadmaschinen test, this means you must also pay attention to the hidden costs, because here it often behaves like with printer cartridges: the devices are cheap, if the pads/cartridges are expensive. The next in the Kaffeepadmaschinen test that you should be aware of is the customer service and the warranty. Decide the best for a model with a friendly and responsive advice and langzeitlicher support. Ensure the guarantee here. Many machines, especially when many drinkers, be destroyed within one or two years, as a warranty to 3 years or more is very helpful. The pads are less something for big drinker and so also the Kaffeepadmaschinen test. Nevertheless, we can finally say that customer satisfaction is a good and meaningful indicator of good brands and products. Gerald Ebner is passionate coffee drinkers and Kaffeepadmaschinen test for the retail trade, another on the Web page

Boost function in new Energiesparthermostaten by eQ-3 ensures ‘Well-being feeling heat’ button blank, January 14, 2011 right in the cold season the eQ-3 ( home-control specialist has equipped its energy-saving electronics radiator thermostats with new features. A novelty in the classic product line is the boost function, allowing the user to cool rooms button and within a very short time can heat up. The heat emitted by the radiator immediately, which raises the boost function, a pleasant room climate is created immediately, without wasting energy in the long term. Now the professional series also available in a version with over five years of battery life. Furthermore the new theft and sabotage protection prevents unauthorized can unscrew the knob or remove the batteries. During the winter months, energy costs are a topical issue.

When using the electronic eQ-3-Energiesparregler the user must be however worry more efficient heating control make. Over the thermostats, the user can set up personal time profiles that regulate the heat output according to the individual needs. So, the heating shuts down, for example, at night automatically to a preset temperature. Also recognizes the thermostat the temperature drop when a window is opened, and regulates the temperature for a predetermined period of time down. This offers the possibility, to attach the optional wireless window contacts in connection with the Energiesparreglern is the House or apartment owners also. These contacts register opening the window and send this information via radio to the thermostat, which then adjusts the heating operation. Once the window is closed, the window contact forwards this to the electronic thermostat, again driving up the heating on the original performance. In this way, the user prevents the loss of valuable energy easily and efficiently. To felt faster heat up to cold rooms, has eQ-3 the boost function is developed. She is J in the Energiesparreglern classic, classic and classic K integrated.


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The positive impact has a humidifier on the people In the winter, when running the heater on full blast, is among the most families used a humidifier. Everyone knows that dry air dries out the respiratory tract and thus more susceptible to diseases is one. The same is true for animals, by the way, because they also suffer from too dry air. With a humidifier the air humidity in the room on a healthy value is brought and the residents feel just more comfortable in their home. In addition to the private sector, these benefits have realized companies where especially in offices often the air is too dry. This reduced the disease cases among employees, what then is the company good.

It is important that a humidifier has a large water tank, because often that will fill up with a small tank forget. Operate the humidifier with electricity, the energy consumption should be low. At the time of purchase can be quietly perform the device itself, to detect whether it is quiet runs. A louder humidifier is annoying with time and is no longer activated. High-quality devices will display the current humidity in the room and the degree of the desired humidity can be adjusted exactly by the user. What good for humans and animals, can be wrong also for wood furniture. Prior to all owners of valuable antiques to worry when is deprived of the precious and often very expensive furnishings, dry room air humidity. Using a humidifier to the furniture, floors and cover made of wood and rugs effectively dry up before the protected and their life, just like with the proper care, extended.

Window Grilles

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To all the well-known proverb: "My house – my fortress," Your home is not characterized only in a figurative, but in a literal sense, it's time to think about his safety. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Brad Pitt. And then apart from alarm systems and other modern methods of protection against hacking, can be useful and such old-fashioned way, like bars on the windows. History bars on the windows began in ancient times, around the 14th century BC, when humanity has mastered the craft metal processing. By learning to work with metal, a man perfected his skill until he learned how to forge. Others who may share this opinion include Adroll. Today the bars on the windows, once associated only with places of deprivation of liberty is no longer be gray and inconspicuous.

Now they are a very common type of facade of the building, which allows us to focus on the windows. Simultaneously, the bars on the windows – a reliable protection of your home from unwanted guests. Types of bars on the windows by way of fixing the lattice are divided into two types: fixed and operable. Stationary grating (ie, open) are considered to be the most reliable, because They are attached directly to the wall what is called "tight". Such a lattice is nearly 100% protection against penetration into the room through the window opening.

But the fixed grating is significantly less: in case of emergency (fire, smoke, earthquake, etc.) to leave the premises through a window in which they are installed, will not work. Therefore, according to the rules of fire safety to install stationary bars on all windows in the room is prohibited. In some cases, possible installation of stationary gratings, provided that one window in the room opened. Speaking about the opening arrays, it is worth noting that this type of lattices, in turn, is divided into several others, namely, folding, sliding and removable. Swing grating with opening one or two doors are the most common and also fireproof.

To avoid this, electrically isolate the coil in the tank. Zinc is 99.9% pure and does not cause contamination during the deposition process. Consequently, thermally sprayed zinc coatings more friendly than those used in the process hot galvanization, such as nickel, which is used in electroplating, contains a large amount of iron impurities. Continue to learn more with: Startapp. Aluminum is usually clear in 99% and is used in the most corrosion-resistant work. The advantages of zinc and aluminum coatings.

The choice of metal for thermal spraying. SredMetall Alkaline Zn Polluted Acid Al Al Al Hot water Sea water AlMg5 Cathodic Protection Zn Zn or mechanical damage Arc spraying Al Aluminium: Resistance to high temperatures, light, good resistance to polluted marine environments, forming oxide layer, which reduces the permeability of the surface and ostananvlivaet corrosion. Zinc: Suitable for cathodic protection, good resistance to mechanical damage, life is proportional to the thickness of the coating (if not used impregnation) is used in corrosion primers. Sputtered aluminum to withstand the action of many divorced acids (with pH 3.5 and above), the lifetime of the coating is determined by the chemical composition of the reactants and type of surface. Highly dilute solutions of nitric oxide and sulfuric acid, as well as many organic acids have little effect on the deposited aluminum coating, if they are treated with impregnation.

Deposited zinc poorly resists the action of almost all the acids, both organic and not organic. Zinc coatings are used mainly in the pH range from 6 to 12. As with the deposition of zinc coatings, service life is determined by film-forming nature of the medium. Resistance to zinc in hard water more than soft. He has poor resistance to any type of water at a temperature above 24oS. Spramet-anticorrosive paint as an alternative to testing sprayed metallic coatings for resistance to external shocks, showed that they have a longer lifespan than the coatings obtained during dyeing, which involves trained steel products and the implementation of appropriate procedures during use.


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In the age of the Internal and mobile phones, there is almost no one who agrees without emails and SMS. Day to day, sending thousands of SMS, be it holiday greetings, love the simple evidence or the same interests. Quickly it can happen that the costs are overlooked and the number at the end of the gigantic bill does. To prevent this, there are services on the Internet that promise free or highly concessionary sending SMS. Usually, one must register for it with the name and email address. The supplier should be selected carefully. On one side it has, for example, 10 free text messages per month, buy the other one must be called Webcredits, and can exchange them for SMS.

The cost is then only a fraction of the SMS, which is sent away from your phone. But it is really worth to such website to register? There are advantages and disadvantages. Since the input is done via the keyboard is typing a message in a very short time. This is an advantage over the phone, as the lengthy Find the letters on the small keys deleted. Again, you can send SMS from your mobile phone from anywhere, you have to ensure no extra turn on the computer and to the Internet. Conclusion: This “Free SMS” services are very useful, especially the purse over. But should you ever be on the road, it is not blazing, because you need an Internet connection to send these text messages. In any case, one should compare different Free SMS provider and sign up if necessary for further information. But Free SMS service without signing a place to be recognized alternative dar.

FTP Service

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Today's most popular service on the Internet is a service WWW – World Wide Web (World Wide Web). Although WWW correctly pronounced "Double S Double S Double S" or "Three Double U" universally called the service "BBB". WWW is based on the concept of hypertext, that is, a set of individual texts, which have references to each other. These texts are also called documents, articles or pages. Words and pictures are in one document, refer to other documents. Since links may point to any document in the Internet anywhere in the world, and multiple links intertwined with each other, this system is called the World Wide Web. To work with the World Wide Web protocol used HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Hypertext documents are created using special language HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language (HyperText Markup Language).

World Wide Web document, drawn up in HTML and available for viewing by the user, called Web-Page, a web page. WWW technology was developed European Laboratory for Particle Physics (European Particle Physics Laboratory). The principle of operation with the World Wide Web is like to work with an encyclopedia – you can read articles, find links that interest you and read the other articles. In addition to actually text, web pages can be images, sounds, animations and even entire videos. This service is booming, and all kinds of information previously available through other means of Internet, is now available from World Wide Web. Many Internet users are working exclusively with the WWW, and this is enough for them. The Internet is the world's largest repository of files. Service FTP – File Transfer Protocol (File Transfer Protocol) allows you to receive and transfer files.

This service is one of the main ways to distribute free software, and various additions and corrections to the commercial version. New drivers and firmware for computer hardware and distributed through the service. It should be noted that the files can be transferred with the help of HTTP. Often you can not know with any protocol will receive the file, as required protocol is automatically selected program you use. The FTP protocol to transfer files more efficiently than HTTP. However, at sufficiently high-quality Internet connectivity and the transfer is not very large files, the difference is almost no. In addition to receiving information, the Internet is often seen as a place of communication between people. You can use this news group, sometimes called newsgroups or bulletin boards. This service works in much the same as the e-mail, but received letters available for public viewing. For convenience of discussion formed different groups, whose members send and receive messages on a particular topics. Newsgroups allow you to exchange views with like-minded people who live anywhere in the world. You can often find answers to your questions, connecting to the relevant newsgroup and asking for advice other participants. Recently, more and more popular to chat (from Chat – chat). This system is somewhat similar to a newsgroup, but the messaging there is no waiting. When connected to a group that discusses a particular problem, you type your message on the keyboard, and it instantly becomes available to other participants in the conversation. In the same way and you will see messages from other interviewees as soon as they type them on the keyboard your computer. In Internet communication can be organized not only through text messages. If there are enough high-speed communication line, you can send voice and image, organizing a video conference. Popular other methods of direct communication.


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I also wanted to draw public attention to such reserves, to such term efficiency of scientific work which, although also long been known, but probably not very well marked from the "outside." This partly can be attributed to lack of interest to them by experts naukovedov. (Not to be confused with Adroll!). At the same time, these terms if they pay enough attention, can make a huge – at least so it seems the "inside" – a huge contribution to the overall efficiency of scientific research these terms a lot, call the three of them. The first – is to create a friendly climate for creative research teams, what you want to call a moral conditioning. The second – less waste of time and energy associated with the evil of bureaucracy. And third, a limit the use of all opportunities for training and selection of scientific personnel, the most capable independent creative work. In such matters, of course, difficult to make quantitative estimates, but based on the "experimental" or, simply, on the basis of some personal observations suggest that there is still scientific groups, where, for example, conditioning may not be moral in a fraction of a percent, but several times more effective research. It is impossible in such matters to prescribe …

In science, people work educated and intelligent. They should, given the concrete situation, to find a solution to their specific problems, if they will be engaged in earnest. I see my task only to draw attention to recall that terms of the inevitable reduction of growth and a number of quantitative indicators, in particular, the number of scientists the only solution – increase the efficiency of their work. I repeat – the terms of high efficiency many, in different cases, their specific value can vary. The above three terms seem the most universal and important for all scientific fields, for a variety of groups, regardless of their departmental subordination.

As the operation at home in the ceiling and the walls begin to crumble, and joints are beginning to penetrate styki.V rain water, which causes rotting of wood or maceration of the solution. At low temperatures it turns into ice increasing disclosure of seams and joints. It is therefore important to monitor their condition and maintain it in good vide.V wooden houses is necessary to monitor seams between planks or logs laid. Outside, they must be closed flat strips and aprons, and the inside of the flat strips and strips. A lot of seams and joints appears in interior decoration. For example, a binder or a reel, cover sheets of plywood or drywall using gvozdi.Pri revealed that the gap between the plates, rolling to a plaster smeared with a mixture of the following obrazom.Na knurled surface with a chisel or a hatchet. After the surface becomes rough, prepare a small portion of the plaster mixture as follows: 1) 1 part plaster at 2-3 parts sand 2) 1 part plaster of 0.5 – 1 part sawdust or wood shavings is desirable to add a little detergent any type of 'Fury', or washing poroshok.Smes mixed with water until thick dough and fill the seam with this solution, after drying solution sheathe potolok.Pri building rafters filly, which later beat a curtain board to paint over oil paint, open joints in brick houses and shvy.V joints and seams in places bearing embroidered panels on the various structural elements of the house.

For sealing can be applied grout. At the same time be filled with the ends wrapped structures ruberoidom.Esli joint width of 10-50 mm, it zachekanivayut grout, if the 50-300mm – with concrete. The gaps between the brickwork and boxes of windows and doors, carefully prokonopachivayut felt or Paley soaked in a solution of gypsum. For large gaps of 40 mm and above can use strips of roofing felt, pushing them into the slot. If you work behind a layer of plaster, but not collapsed, you need to drill this layer and fill the syringe into the cavity PVA glue or others with plywood and then press the rack or a wedge..