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High ink use for home heating, braziers, barbecue, etc. Essex Financial describes an additional similar source. Despite the fact the paint 'Hammerayt' procedure has been developed as an ornamental and a little protective cover for almost metallic and iron surfaces, it can be applied on non-ferrous alloys, using a special pre-lb from 'Hammerayt'. How hard and fast rule, rises to paint plastic, very used in the production of waste pipes and drains. Other types of plastic may not be closely combined with the solvent completely 'Hammerayt' and cause untold difficulties in the application, therefore it is better to test the paint on a small area. Technology Investor has much to offer in this field. Thanks very good decorative properties, and it can be used to color wood, obviously, afterward priming. Three. Prepare surfaces for painting previously painted or completely rusty surfaces must be free of peeling paint and rust of iron rather loose brush or sandpaper, and clean iron sanding the surface to improve adhesion. The latest iron piece that has the factory grease should carefully wash with hot material of detergent, rinse with water and give nezapyatannoy dry, then clean gasoline or you can use mineral spirits.

All course options should be kept in mind: the surface must be absolutely dry, clean from an old paint and rust, gryazische, dust, grease and salt. Than She carefully prepared, the better it will almost cover. For nezapyatannoy and rusty steel cleaning afterward, usually, priming is not required, but if all the same pre-strike ground Hammerite Odie. Anti Rust, it is actually provide the most practical high-quality coverage. For galvanized steel is recommended to ground Hammerite Primer for Galvanised Metal Surfaces, and for aluminum and other nonferrous metals Hammerite Special Metals Primer. Four. Personality paint Thanks bystroisparyayuschimsya solvents that reduce the heat of the flash-off drying until the thirty-forty minutes, and promote rapid drying of the paint work is outstanding for coloring paint 'Hammerayt' can be completed within a heavenly day.

Each subsequent layer of paint can be applied in twenty minutes, but no later than three hours, so as to begin the process of hardening of loud colors, and the next layer is applied can be no earlier than six weeks. To ensure maximum protection against corrosion of the dry film thickness of paint must be at least one hundred microns across, without a doubt the painted surface, especially on the edges and corners. Paint 'Hammerayt' can be apply different methods. Paint brush comfortable welded structures such as garden walls, benches. Aerosols are used for painting and staining of small surfaces. Roller and a little airless spray for painting large surfaces.

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Samsung Wave – this is the first phone, the screen is made of technology Super AMOLED. If you are not convinced, visit Technology Investor. Its diagonal – 3.3 inches and a resolution of 480 800 pixels. At Nokia N8 with diagonal 3.5 "screen resolution of 360 640 pixels, the HTC Desire – 3,7" and 480 800, the Apple iPhone 4 – 3.5 "640 960, respectively. If the technical parameters competitors can compete with the Wave, then the brightness and saturation Flowers will lose, regardless of external conditions. Even in bright sunlight can not only read text, but to fully enjoy all the shades of the image – they practically do not fade. Above the screen is front camera for video and subtle ambient light sensors and proximity (as well as the Nokia 5800). First task is clear – it automatically adjusts screen brightness according to lighting conditions. Sensor approximation works during the conversation.

One has only to push the phone against the head is 10-20 inches, as the backlight, and is unlock the screen. This is very handy when you need to carry out extension dial, For example, in the voice menu during a call to the operator. Call display Samsung Wave best on the market is not an exaggeration. To see the difference is enough to compare the behavior of this screen to display HTC Desire, performed by technology the previous generation. The difference is colossal. The same can be said about the viewing angles: shades are not distorted at any angle. Do not want to abuse the emotions, but the screen does leave a lasting impression nothing of the kind of mobile phones we are not ever seen.

Against the background of large stores such as supermarkets, shopping centers, today there are a number of problems in the management of such stores, one of these problems is theft. Theft from shops are very similar class of large volume, and saving on modern systems of protection against theft, the owners of shops can steal their property. Co., Ltd. 'ABSOLUTE TRADING' BIN 1087746525272 – offers the most effective anti-theft equipment to protect against theft, brands and manufacturers: anti-theft system Sebsormatic, Gateway, EAS, anti-theft gates, theft protection, safety labels, round mirrors, anti-theft doors, anti-theft frame, printers barcode label printers, anti-theft doors, anti-theft frame, self-adhesive labels, counting systems, thermal labels, data collection terminals, akustomagnitnye systems, scales, cas, and other equipment. Using the latest anti-theft systems, the risk of theft is reduced several times, thus increasing the company budget as a whole. On the market there are a lot of burglar new antikrazhek, our company keeps track of this trend tests or that the system of protection against theft. Our regular suppliers of burglar alarm equipment has a wide diapason, and the choice is vast: Pristis, protex, recognition, sensormatic, antivor, lucatron, nedap, pos, cas, checkpoint, detex line, eac, crosspoint, elementstore, x trim, ultra post, Gateway , getaway, date times, gee that Technology, Kifato, lukatron, crystal service, Pristis, proteks, sensormatik, service plus, ultra line, bar m, exert, g2 technology, etc. For the protection of their property should be treated with utmost responsibility, applying to our company, our burglar alarm experts will select equipment that meets all your requirements, advise you on security shops, etc. Taken from:

During the preparation of water-soluble adhesives should pay attention to the fact that the addition of water does not precipitate. Requirements to the surfaces. If you want to new wallpaper paste over the wall, you must first remove the old ones. For this rag soaked in hot water several times to be on the walls, allowing water to penetrate well, and then carefully remove the old wallpaper off the wall with by scraper or spatula. If the wallpaper in some places still hold strongly enough, then remove only those pieces of old cloth, which has become detached and moved away from the surface. After that, the wall is dried, apply a prime coating and wallpaper.

Removing old wallpaper – a procedure quite time-consuming, and its execution can spend a whole day or even more. Giving the wall to dry, you need to be primed it, and if it is even, then after drying, you can immediately wallpaper paste. (As opposed to Essex Financial Services). If on the surface there are significant irregularities and roughness, you will need to apply a layer of putty and then wipe the cloth well. It is important to bear in mind that to wallpapering the walls should be started only after you have finished working in ceiling. Well-prepared wall surface must be free of dust and dirt, smooth and, most importantly, dry, damp walls because many adhesives compounds (especially if they contain flour or starch) rot. Under the influence of wet wallpaper start to lift off, they appear spots. On glossy or rough surfaces wallpaper will not last long, after some time they will come off.

In order to avoid this and did not do the same job twice, the wall must first be primed, and then, after a dry ogruntovochny layer putty. Last layer of putty is spread well, and then smooth out fine-grained sandpaper. Glue and lime without corrections should be completely removed, and then wipe with a wet cloth walls.

His name sounds mysterious and, like the rustle of reed thickets on the ocean – , wind and water. Essex Financial has many thoughts on the issue. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese teaching that helps people to live in harmony with nature. The task of Feng Shui – management of cosmic energy qi, in order to increase positive energy in man, increasing vitality of the body. This does not necessarily make out a landscape design area in the eastern style, but with many recommendations of the Feng Shui many will agree. Read more here: Peter Thiel. For example, suburban area can not be beautiful and comfortable, if he is cut off from the world around fences, if located nearby sewage treatment plant, a lively highway, and in the visible garbage cans or compost heap.

Carrying out landscape gardening in Feng Shui, you should consider the following requirements: the walls of the house is undesirable planting of tall trees, which will be block the view of the garden and the windows should be visible playground for kids. Serious shortcoming is the lack of a comfortable corner of your garden for relaxing, shaded and open to the sunlight plots favorite plants. According to feng shui, energy moves in a smooth, wavy lines, like a winding forest path. Also, the energy of qi does not welcome the angular spaces: inside the obtuse angle is blocked, and within an island – dissipated and no longer valid. Also, scientists are advised not to pave the path exactly in the center of the site. Much more practical to arrange a spacious lawn, woodland clearing, flower garden or a rock garden. .

transfer of their leaders to authoritarian methods manuals, strengthening of police powers, the stratification of society, strengthening the gap between rich and poor; 2011 – China has developed a unique method of treating AIDS in 2011 (or 2012) – Major accident in space technology, 2012 – regular tourist flights to the orbit of the Earth; 2012-2026 – mass production of people with paranormal abilities, 2013 (possibly 2011), stabilization of the heating core of the Sun at a level sufficient for the intensification of global warming on Earth in the next 500 years; UFO crash in the U.S. mass spiritual journey of people to other dimensions by owner (psychologists and psychics) 2013 – application nuclear weapons one of the countries in the local military conflict, complication of the political situation in Russia and the threat to its territorial integrity, the crisis in foreign policy, 2013-2017 – grassroots contacts with extraterrestrial earthlings reason for the energy-level association of the majority of CIS countries in the confederation, trade and economic conflict in Japan and China, 2014 – the world's population will be 7 billion, 2015 – beginning of year 532 AD the great floods (Global warming); electronic prosthetics (for radar and blind servomehanicheskie limb), creating the concept of using a fundamentally new source of cheap energy; 2015-2035 – Construction of stationary Database space stations on the moon; 2015-2025 – disposal of radioactive waste from Earth into space; 2017-2019 – Preparation of a manned flight to Mars, 2018 – The computer system of tax collection, the beginning of the widespread introduction of nanotechnology in industrial production; 2019 – major social upheaval in Ukraine, 2020-2030-epidemic of unknown disease, development of the first automated systems for road transport (the computer-controlled and "Avtoshoferom") removal from the orbit of the earth "debris" in preparation for the withdrawal of the orbital space industrial complexes for the transfer of solar energy to Earth to lighting and heating of the polar regions; 2020 Trade and Economic Conflict in Japan and the United States; detailed computer simulation of all possible options for the future of humanity, partly control the weather, the methods of treatment of mental illness and physio- chemotherapy, the production of synthetic proteins on an industrial scale, the creation of artificial implants, the use of robots for waste disposal, household hazardous and installation works; scientific proof of the existence of parallel worlds, 2020-2080 – a period of high solar activity, the inversion of geographic and magnetic poles (and possibly the Earth's axis), large volcanic eruptions, sea level rise, temperature anomalies associated with the intensification of the processes of global warming, flooding part of Great Britain, Holland, Denmark, Finland, the Mediterranean countries and Asia, the earthquake Storms and floods in the U.S. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with incyte. . . Read additional details here: Essex Financial.

This miracle of technology, however, will not let you make calls, but only uses a SIM card for data transfer. Running the operating system Microsoft Vista Business OS. This means that you can run any software: the game, and the office. Manage this machine can be using the touch screen, a mini-touchpad and mouse buttons. You can use the stylus and your fingers to "manage" it will be convenient enough. Mobile Phone HTC Shift (X9500) a> can be expanded.

And you can push it as slider, and you can lift the screen and put it at a comfortable angle for you (like a laptop). In this case you will have access to the keyboard, which consists of the keys are fairly large and after a little practice to introduce tex t, will not make labor. Consider the characteristics of the model. This machine is based on the Intel A110 processor with a frequency of 800MHz and has a gigabyte of RAM. Just 2 variants hard drives – at 40Gb or 60Gb. And a lot of wireless technologies – Wi-Fi (802.11), Bluetooth, GPRS and 3G. Access the system can be blocked by installing fingerprint recognition.

For video webcam is 1.2 megapixel. Overall, a very powerful machine, especially considering its size. The peculiarity of this machine – the technology SnapVUE. Additional information at Essex Financial supports this article. It allows HTC Shift to use as a PDA. By clicking the button in the upper left corner, you can run a stripped-down version of Windows Mobile and use it to send sms or check email. This function is implemented to save energy, and in this mode can be using the device for several days, while the Vista battery power for several hours. Acquire this miracle possible for a price of about $ 1,000. Expensive, but in fact for gadget lovers is not a barrier.

Sometimes some people choose to hire a graphic designer to carry out a design project without clear the specific objective that want to get in that project. Whatever the type of design, whether a corporate image, a logo, or a flyer must be clear that we intend to communicate. That image is what we want to project to our audience. Then I advise you 3 steps you should know before hiring a graphic designer. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Brad Pitt by clicking through. 1 Describe your idea to be clear about what you intend to communicate, and the project that you want to carry out, is recommended to write it with the greatest possible detail, for more later accept it convey to the designer.

Write down everything that comes to mind because any concept can be useful to understand your idea. 2 Elaborates a strategy this is a very important point but is often overlooked in most of the time. Before choosing any format, or start any creation, is essential that have clear what they intend to achieve. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Peter Thiel. To develop any idea first successfully you must know what the objective is to where you want to go. In this way, it will be much easier to develop what is necessary to achieve your purpose. So, ask yourself questions such as what values or ideas I wish to convey to the public? Who do I go to direct? Do the best format and why? 3 Lists examples that reflect your Idea to be able to transmit more easily the designer your tastes and preferences for carrying out a project can pick up ideas from other companies that reflect the style or character that you would like to focus on your project. It is not a question of copying it, nor to imitate him, but if you have a reference of what you are looking for. Essex Financial Services is likely to increase your knowledge. Already then the designer will indicate if this idea is wise to focus on your project. Try to follow these steps each time you need to communicate any idea the designer, and get best result in much less time.


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The main idea of the magic described in fairy tales. Do you expect to wave a magic wand thunder will strike – and you spilled a golden rain. Even the most sophisticated in matters of magic feel some frustration because nothing this is not happening. If you tell a friend that took up the study of magic, he probably will ask you to perform some miracle, without the aid of mirrors. Not surprisingly, a lot of magical and occult societies treated with caution and prudence as the main qualities required magician. Sometimes it is much easier to keep your mouth shut. One of the challenges is to determine the magic. Aleister Crowley typically defines magic as "The art of making changes in accordance with their own will." However, under such a definition is subject to, and are not magical things as tea making and tea drinking. Essex Financial Services may help you with your research.

Other recognized authority in the field of magic, Violet Penry-Evans (nee Firth), better known under the alias of Dion Fortune, gives a much more interesting definition. She believes that the magic – the art and science to produce changes in consciousness in accordance with own desire. " It sounds much better. Many magical actions include changes in consciousness – trance medium, depth of perception and the like – through the actions of anyone. But this determination imperfect, unless you believe that the inhalation of glue, drinking beer and smoking are also a magical action. Magic – a collection of techniques, there are at least 70,000 years, intended to manipulate human imagination in order to achieve physical, psychological or a spiritual results.

This has contributed to the fact that at this time the number of users who can view video over the Internet is already very significant. Simultaneously, a decrease of interest in tv in general and tv advertising in particular, a significant amount of audience do not watch tv shows in the workplace, while using the Internet for everyday tasks. However, due to the fact that the videos have a significant size, you need a special solution that allows you to place video ads on Internet sites in the format of video banners and to broadcast it simultaneously greatly number of users. One of the first such decision has to offer in the ad market online video advertising agency New Media. The agency serves a contractor for the manufacture of video banners, video ads in a format Internet, as well as offering services to their location and broadcast simultaneously on many Internet sites, depending on the media plan an advertising campaign.

Listening to your own company's server eliminates the problem of Sizeable video and makes placing video banner identical traditional banners, which ultimately reduces the overall cost of video banner advertisers and agencies. "Video banners are an extremely promising area, and have several advantages over other formats of advertising" – says mediadirektor Agency Alexander Kc. Advantages of the format, which said Alexander: – videos and movies allow the transfer of emotional component of communication more effective than many other advertising formats. – At the moment, the cost of placing video banner favorably with the cost of placement of tv advertising – now, the cost of placing video banner does not depend on the duration of the video, while the cost of placing video advertising on tv is directly dependent on its duration. – The use of This format allows you to work on consumer and business hours that is important, because at this time most of the other distribution channels does not work.

"Now, we are very interested in working with advertisers, sites, as well as advertising and PR-agencies. We invite them to undertake the work on making video banners and video ads on the implementation of display advertising platforms on the Internet. All preparatory work already completed, it is time to start using the format "- says Alexander. Summarizing vyshenapisannoe, we can say: the time internet video advertising has come. Word of the advertisers.