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c) The human being commits it the accomplishment of the objectives of the company for the compensations associates with its profit. d) The people if accustom to search responsibilities. The lack of ambition and the insistence in the security are, generally, consequences of the same one experience and not characteristic essentially human beings. e) The capacity to develop in relatively high degree the imagination, the device and the creative capacity to decide the problems of the company, is characteristic of great part of the population. The dichotomy is evident and counts that when perceiving that one annulled to another one, MacGregor started to elaborate Theory Z. Personally understands that the human being is so complex that the letters of the alphabet are insufficient to enumerate as much the characteristics of social groups and m data moment and in geographic space.

Thus we would have that to elaborate the Theory X.1, A.3.2, etc. Douglas it obtained to catch, in our opinion, two marcantes characteristics of the enterprise organizations and the form as if they relate with its subordinate. In some of them the human being is only plus a tool to implement profits and must be sucked to the exhaustion. He is obvious that this time already passed. The companies who possess tip administration, whom they produce better resulted treat the human capital as true partners, collaborators and had practically decreed the extinguishing of the administration based on Theory X.

But and the public service? In the reality this is the quarrel that this summarized work looks for to establish. Certainly in many sectors of the Public Administration the proper legislator Unhappyly remains in vigor the administration based on Theory X., for times seems contaminated for this type of reasoning. It seems us evident that the development of the good Public Administration walks the distant and slow steps of the Private Administration.


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If this happened, the magnetron could undergo overheat; and if the peeled points got to perforate themselves, the microwaves will leave that way. By all means that this is very well-known and easy to identify since when is connected the sparks marked in the place where lack the painting. The small grating or enmeshes that it is in the expensive intern of the door of any furnace of microwaves, allow that the light enters and avoid that the radiations leave the cavity; that is to say, it works like ” it catches ondas”. The light incidence does not represent any problem, because its wavelength is very small; but as the one of the microwaves he is greater, these must be retained somehow; for that reason ” has been gotten up; it catches ondas” metallic Precautions during the service and the use of the apparatus For security of the equipment and the own user, it is very important to emphasize the following thing: 1. It bypasses or never it eliminates interlocks located next to the door, because these safeties avoid that the equipment works when the compartment is open 2. Once it has opened the equipment to prove his operation, 30 cm.

mantngase remote of the magnetron at least Remembers that although is armored, it can have some type of flight. 3. It recommends the clients who never open the apparatus to review their internal parts. Only personal described it can carry out his repair. 4.

It will have noticed that the apparatus has one or two thermal sensors; it never eliminates them since they are what they avoid the overheat of the magnetron and its later destruction, which is very important by the lifted cost of that apparatus that usually is almost just as microwaves new of low quality or cost. Strictly speaking it is located to a side of the magnetron, and the other normally in the opposite end. With them temperature level is detected that generally is of 150 or 170 degrees Celsius. These sensors in fact are switches who abren themselves when they detect high temperatures; since they are in series with the line entrance, when to reach his nominal value they are abren to prevent that all the equipment energice; this one retakes its on-speed operation, until they only lower their temperature. On the other hand, we remember that the magnetron works with loads that go approximately of 2.500 to 3.000 volts; therefore, never it approaches the hands the main transformer when this one is in operation, either tries to prove it neither with a pilot nor with tester common like whom we used generally for it a small circuit with resistance is used that can be found with facility in the Internet or visiting my Web. Also they remember that once disconnected of the network it even conserves tencin of a condenser that is due to unload before maneuvering with the magnetron. Also it can use some electronics very easy to make for the detection of flights in the furnace that can be looked for in Internet or as before I mention I look for or it previously and this in my page Web that as always I say is the form but easy to help the technicians and to free find everything in a single place and without having to register themselves or to pay to obtain aid.

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We listen, asentimos and we changed of subject. We never must debate these opinions without relation with the subject. Chapter 8: The closing of the sale When the interview of sales has taken correctly, that arrives a little while in is not possible to continue the negotiation. It is the hour to close the operation. The challenge is in how obtaining the order. If the previous phases have progressed satisfactorily, to close the operation will be easy. The suitable moment of the closing is when an objection has been solved and no longer are more to answer.

We were with two passages for the closing: 1. – To summarize the benefits accepted by the client and the aspects of interest. It consists of enumerating the benefits that the client will obtain with the product or service. 2. – To propose a plan of action, that is to say, to realise one or several supplies that are easily asumibles by the client, considering the spoken thing in the interview. Two types of signals that the client gives us whom she indicates to us that exist already we can realise the closing: 1.

– Physical: smile, to make calculations, to return to watch some detail, to fixedly watch some pamphlet or document that we have given to him, to get up themselves on the table, to touch the chin and to agree with the head. 2. – Verbal: to ask some detail, to put inconsistent objections, commentaries favorable towards the mark, to already make mental arithmetic and references to economic conditions views. Chapter 8: The Technical closing of the sale of it closes of the sale In the previous section we studied which is the suitable moment to realise the closing of the sale, as well as the steps to carry out to take to good term the interview. Now we are going to analyze the closing techniques.

Since 2005 consumers may obtain a free credit report every year. The deployment of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act signed by President George W. Bush actually began last December 1. If you did not know, do not worry. You have not missed the boat. Not everyone has the right to obtain your credit report. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) allows the credit bureau to implement the program gradually so as not to overload the new credit report system. Millions of consumers are expected to take advantage of free reports.

Last December, consumers in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming were able to take advantage of the free credit report. Next March, the Midwest will have access to free credit reports. The South has to wait until June, and the East must wait until September 2005. After your right, you can request report free credit Web site, calling a toll free number, or by written request. The website address is This website was created by the credit bureaus.

The toll free number is (877) -322 to 8228, which also is (877) -FTC-HELP if that is easier to remember. The address to write is Annual Report Request Service, PO Box 105 281, Atlanta, GA., 30348-5281. Will not be asked to sign for a trial subscription for a credit monitoring service, upon request of your credit report. You are not limited to one free credit report per year. You can apply for three – one for each of the credit bureaus: Experian (Equifax Inc. (and Trans Union LLC (It’s a good idea to order a credit report from one credit bureau every four months to monitor activity related to its credit. You do not have to ask three credit reports at the same time. Errors in credit reports can cost you much money. You need to ensure that your credit report is correct before submitting an application for a mortgage, buying a car on credit, or even apply for a credit card. Take advantage of free credit reports to protect your most important financial asset – your credit. George Burks has offered a plan biweekly mortgage payments, no registration fee since 1999.

The Sustainable Tourism as a Development Strategy Under the WTO, the principles that define sustainable tourism are: – natural and cultural resources are conserved for continuous use in the future, while reported profits – Tourism development is planned and managed so as not to cause serious environmental or socio-cultural, – The environmental quality is maintained and improved – It seeks to maintain a high level of visitor satisfaction and destination retains its prestige and market potential, and – The benefits of tourism are shared widely throughout society. These features make sustainable tourism a tool for local economic development strategy. On the one hand, tourism is a great opportunity in some areas where there are no other economic activity. In turn, as part of the service sector offers more opportunities for the emergence of local firms (it should be borne in mind that even in more developed countries, this sector is mainly composed of SMEs).And despite being a sector that requires large investments in infrastructure and equipment, also uses labor intensively by offering numerous job opportunities and business for women and youth. The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in its objective of supporting private sector growth is pointer in helping the development of sustainable tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean. Although the existence of numerous sub-sectors (accommodations, food, transportation, activity operators, etc.), and the small size of most undermine the competitiveness of tourism enterprises, the massive development potential this sector has been resolved to the MIF has focused part of his performance in this area and create a cluster of projects under this theme. Through its projects MIF aims to support sustainable tourism development through increased competitiveness of local SMEs in the sector.The focus of action is better integration of different components of the tourism product and increase collaboration between the companies involved, helping to orient its strategy towards diversification of supply and achieving more effective promotion of their destiny through joint business strategies and always with the premise that the development and promotion of tourist products contribute to environmental conservation and cultural heritage.

What I will write a summary of this article exposing the most important of it without distorting what the author (Luis Felipe Argamunt) we wanted to reflect. I hope you enjoy it and if you like please comment and especially thank Luis Argamunt, one of the many excellent teachers that have our faculty. Luis begins by telling the state because we are experiencing is called CRASH, and not like most who call CRISIS. And puts it as follows: The crisis is basically a time of change a reality organized a structure which, although has a certain predictability, in turn maintains a degree of uncertainty. In simple terms we would say that a crisis is the abandonment of the old without us knowing very well how long and how it’s: good or bad. Crises are not necessarily bad, and often are positive signs of change ahead. CRASH But the term refers to an event even more traumatic, most unexpected and significant and irreversible in its effects. The term “crash” call a bankruptcy, a break. A crash is bad, there just is rescued from the lessons of what not to do. We understand what is happening at this time was predictable. But it does not and is more like a car accident (a crash). Let’s see: we were driving so risky (the financial world and we mean business), an ever more insane, skating on skates, for the worse on shaky ground, rain and more and more speed. In that context it was unlikely that something bad happened, but it was “politically incorrect” to speak, with stock market indicators by clouds foolanyone want to go through predicting a negative future. Better to close your eyes and pretend to be brave, total …were all above the car, it was not possible that we all went wrong at the same time. And the accident came as reaching all suddenly not wait even though we knew it could happen. The accident happened just around the corner, at the first corner we thought we could get close to the speed we were coming and maintaining control (the bankruptcy of Lehmann Brothers), although it was raining and we were determined that the road was slippery ( because we were from some major upheavals in the Asian crises of 1997, the companies, 2001, the fall in prices of 2003 that prompted the reduction of interest rates and the existence of increasing flows of funds and poor indicators since late 2007). It happened unexpectedly although we knew that would happen. After the initial impact, the accident continued with spins (Europe, Latin America, Asia), and created a mess of everything that was inside and came loose. Meanwhile, beat passers ignorant of the risks of this infernal machine launched at speed (small investors, SMEs in many countries, developed and undeveloped, and others), and revealed that traffic police were making ( we mean the regulators, the Henry Paulson – Former U.S. Treasury Secretary in the Bush administration – and others), who seeing the risks of that breaking boundaries and going beyond vehicle licensing, those officers, continued to monitor the toll booths for no one entered the highway without paying.

old fashioned phoneWhen I was a kid I loved hearing my grandparents tell me how different the world was now then from when they were kids my age. I always tried to imagine a world without telephones, television, movies, cars, air travel, and who knows what else. In the past 40 years and even less, the world has changed again in even more incredible ways. Because of computers and mobile phones and other related devices the way we communicate, acquire information and entertain ourselves bears almost no resemblance to how those things were accomplished just a few decades ago. Back in the mid to late 1980s I actually read a book which supposedly explained why “You Do Not Need a Computer.” The book argued that there was very little a computer could do for you that you couldn’t do for yourself with just a nice pen and a pad of paper. Well we have certainly come light years from that moment in time.

Hopefully this blog will be the opposite of that book. We will instead be trying to look deeply into the foggy future to struggle for a glimpse of where we are heading and what we can expect from today’s rapidly changing hi-tech world.