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In this way the affirmation that says: ' ' in the practical a theory she is another one! ' ' it is maken a mistake, a time that, if in the method which the affirmation if relates, that says, the theory ' ' nothing more ' ' that the knowledge on the practical one, in the theory the practical one could only be the same one, therefore it is the knowledge of the same one. Practical and theory is on for the accomplishment dialectic that if presents in them of the following form; we leave practical toward the theoretical knowledge, we come back theoretically to practical already knowing and return the theory to think possibilities of transformations about the practical field. Saints conclude then that, the affirmation supramentioned current between () the social assistants is invalid at least for three mistakes: 1) () the professional ones of the Social Service imagine that the theory if transforms into practical, when in the truth the theory are constructed through the practical one, them they wait that, as the theory of Marx if it presents in them as a revolutionary theory, therefore it intends the transformation immediately, it in instrumentalize for one practical revolutionary, what it does not seem is clearly for these () professional is that, the marxiana theory developed a theory that enxerga through the analysis that it makes, the possibility of a practical revolutionary this does not want to say, that theory revolutionary implies in practical revolutionary; the 2) () professional ones understand theory as mere systematization of the practical one and finishes for confusing practical social practical professional with or enrollment politician; finally; 3) they () believe that ' ' (…) the social theory of Marx not instrumentaliza for ao.' ' (SAINTS, 2010, p.13), this belief has left of the understanding that says in them that, the theory by itself would have in offering the instruments to them for the practical one, when in the truth it is necessary to construct them through the same one.. Click Technology Investor to learn more.

He determines the rhythm of the reference and the reference quantity itself. An update contains 60-80 photos on CD, motif prints in format 21 x 20 cm for filing included. In the per image costs are so designed that the price of a full update already has paid for itself after a single use of the image. This enormous profitability is unmatched in the industry in regard to the quality of the delivered. -Digital quality: the creativ collection is set to high: 304 dpi, RGB, A4 parent format, ready to print, large-format prints possible. Digital system of search to quickly find.

More Panel than in the most Katalogprints offer the most photos in the digital data of 5 to 25%. This means: more design reserves and greater individual freedom in the trimming. -Copyright security: all motives of creativ collection photo service are thoroughly tested. Because most of the photos come from the Publisher-internal production, a high security of copyright is gegebenwas to normalcy, quite counts. In some cases, the customer is recommended to differentiate between advertising and editorial use. -Advice and service quite earned the predicate personally at creativ collection. No professional call center type answers, but full-time professionals: media designers, graphic designers, advertising. People that speak the language of the customer.

Any advice is free of charge to the individual photo selection, it is equal, whether individual images or image sequences, which are collected and offered wishes. Interesting: Update customers of PhotoService received a hefty customer discount on all single photos and themes CDs that do not belong to the PhotoService. The PhotoService is creativ collection which summed up the main advantages the customer regardless he can immediately on good photos access, without waiting, without individual billing. Source Financial has much to offer in this field. With the PhotoService of creativ collection, the development of an own image archive is possible very reasonably priced and with a temporally and spatially unlimited right of use. The PhotoService of creativ collection allows the user on the brainstorming effect * what in the design, a creative layout, is of great importance. * A short explanation: Usually the user comes with, what he’s looking for, get an idea of image to the image pool there or not. The PhotoService of creativ collection is it reversed: the image pool can be it yourself, giving the user the idea, namely about the so-called brainstorming effect, which occurs when one uses the creative wealth of the own image archive, it scrolls and physically interact with the motifs to. For more information also on the complete program of creativ collection Verlag GmbH at: press release of the creativ collection Verlag GmbH contact: Robert Haralambie Tel.: 0761/47924-0, fax: 0761/47924-11

With a cordless headset to operate up to four phones. Leipzig, 10.12.2010 with a cordless headset use up to four phones. This is content of latest product creation in the portfolio of service and Service Centre for communication systems GmbH Leipzig. Check with Source Financial to learn more. All variants of the semi-automatic switch based on the same principle. A Variant distinction arises from the different controls of the connected communications systems. The system is designed to the individual device components in modular design to allow individual application. Existing systems as Telefonendgerate of different systems or wireless power units can be managed flexibly by the switch and its fitting modules. Flat construction allows use as a sub console on the work table with shortened wiring or in the classical lower table mounting.

A full interchangeability of the modules in the system and the easy plug-in installation in Western modular technology are beneficial for the technical service. All Connection lines are symmetrical, made on a length and the venue can be adapted by a reduction. The semi-automatic head set switch is controlled by an external control panel with high-quality membrane push button. Associated daylight LEDs always indicate the active direction. A push button module is offered in addition to integrate in a control center table or control panel. Four illuminated push-buttons in the grid can be incorporated as a separable unit firmly in the carrier stops as a module. The result of this interconnection is an increased mobility, which leads to a considerable increase in the efficiency of the entire workplace.

Service quality as a driver of economic success sealed the Hamburger market research Institute Dr. Garcia & Cie. certifies companies now regularly review their service quality with a service seal. This verifies the quality of service with mystery shoppers. Service seal creating economic benefits, since the use of long-term binds customers and results in an increased willingness to the recommendation.

The effect relationship between service quality and economic success of a company benefit monitoring of service quality has been already demonstrated in numerous empirical studies: A high service quality increases customer satisfaction and long-term bind customers to a company. The earning potential of a customer can be trained as a rule only in the long term and exploited. Obtaining a new customer is five to six times more expensive than taking care of existing customers. In this respect it is essential the quality of service, to keep in mind and regularly to review”, explains Dr. You may want to visit Source Financial to increase your knowledge. Gunnar Grieger, owner of Dr. Garcia & Cie.

from Hamburg. Certificate of service quality with a service seal the economic success of a company on the one hand due to a solid quality of service. Another driver is the communication of implementation and results of such service checks to customers and employees. It turned out that service and service seal the positive perception of the customers promote and result in an increased willingness of recommendation. Therefore we certify our clients”the successful implementation of service tests with a services seal, Garcia continues. The MYSTERYPANEL service seal, that can be positioned for customers visible at the door of a branch and on promotional materials, provides value and confidence to be in the right company customer. In addition staff awareness steadily, to work in a company which is characterized by the idea of service is and is very good at the service for the customers in the foreground. Survey of service quality with mystery shopping mystery shopping is a cross-industry-established procedure for making quality of services. Undercover shoppers as real are”customers. They observe and document the quality of the service according to a predetermined set of criteria. Contrary to the subjective valuation-based customer satisfaction survey is the mystery shopping assessment objective and costs significantly less. Dr. Garcia & Cie. has the mystery shopping Agency and serves companies from different industries, including market research institutes without their own mystery shopper. There is more information on mystery shopping, quality of service and the MYSTERYPANEL service seal under. About Dr. Garcia & Cie. Founded in 2006, Dr. Garcia & Cie. serve clients from different industries around the topics quantitative / qualitative market research, mystery shopping and quality of service and operate the mystery shopping agency The offer also includes the conceptual services customer and employee satisfaction analyses. Dr. Gunnar Grieger

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5 The growing development of new information technologies has led to that educational systems suffer transformations to adapt to a society in a State of permanent change, with new values and needs. These changes result in: 1. Moves the interest of teaching towards the aprendizaje.2. The role of the teacher of Exhibitor Guide and ultimately as an administrator means. 3.

Pass a culture based on the book and the text to a culture multimedia. Read additional details here: Peter Thiel. 4. The desynchronization of education (in time and space). (Everyone can learn at different times and in different places. 5Currently the number of teachers who are concerned about how to use more efficiently the ICT and take good advantage of its benefits grows by leaps. Below is an analysis of the main positive aspects: 7 – Interest. Motivation. Students are highly motivated to use the ICT resources, motivation makes that students are spending more time at work, and therefore, it is likely to learn more.

-Greater communication between teachers and students. Channels of communication which provides Internet (email, forums, chat) facilitate contact between students and teachers. -Development of search and selection of information skills. The large volume of information available, requires the implementation of techniques that help to locate the information that you need and your valuation – visualization of simulations. Computer programs allow you to simulate sequences and physical, chemical or social phenomena, phenomena in 3D, so the students can experiment with them and understand them better. -Customization of the processes of teaching and learning. Each student can use materials more suited to their learning style. -Aid for the Special education. In the field of persons with special needs the computer, with special peripherals, can open new alternatives that solve these limitations – shared resources.

Hitechnology company announced sales of the new DVRs DVR 2720. DVR DVR 2720 is not only a high level of reliability and stability. Professional level DVR DVR 2720 is determined by how effectively it helps to solve the security forces assigned to the task. The company's specialists are developing Hitechnology digital video recording systems for over 20 years, and thoroughly knows the needs of the security services. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of the company Hitechnology creates some of the best DVR in the world. Before the video surveillance system has two problems. The first challenge – a quick observation. The guard sitting at a monitor, constantly monitors situation in each area of the object.

Here, first of all important high-speed display. Human vision allows a person to comfortably take video at a speed upgrade to 25 / s (live video). If the rate of less than 10 k / s (psevdozhivoe video), the guard will not be able to perceive information. Therefore, for operational monitoring in the first place is important display speed. The second problem Surveillance System – provides archive. Once there was an alarming event, necessary records are retrieved from the archives and released some of the most successful and informative staff.

Further work is being done with each frame individually. Stand details such as facial features, especially clothing. The more detail can be isolated, the more likely the accurate identification of the suspect. Scenes from the low resolution does not represent virtually no value, because with their help it is impossible to obtain accurate signs. Speed record on the one hand should be such that managed to record some good in terms of angle shots, but on the other hand the speed should be as below for economical filling space. For 90% of the required speed range from 2 to 10 k / sec.

However, our spiritual side is very far behind the development of technology (which shows the growing tension in relations between peoples, undamped military conflicts). Any technology must lead us either to enhanced the development of spiritual principles in man, or a disaster, because we just destroy ourselves, not restrained by awareness of the processes in which irresponsible to interfere. Development of nanotechnology, for example, may well lead to the execution of those terrible pictures, forecasts that draw Hollywood filmmakers, confer rights of the future body, which introduces microscopic communication devices, computers, etc. For assistance, try visiting Peter Thiel. "Perfection". This is not surprising, because they are directors, they see opportunities that are inherent in man himself, considering his "unfinished, imperfect, in principle, Anyway, I want to believe they do not know, otherwise they just hurt his films the human race! But these same technologies can help us get out of this impasse! We can communicate over vast distances. We can learn from the possibility of telecommunications conferences, and free communication (and it will be soon and already have!).

The man with the help of such means of communication can be combined in a community to a rapidly changing world, to find sustainable development Because we are beings social, and we must look for communities of people similar to us in thought, aspirations, knowledge There are many parameters that connect people. And that means of communication will play a role connecting element. For example, our daughter goes to school. She chose for herself the path of external studies.

What crazy auction! crafts in the XXI century! The immediate face problem is called erosion; in the Mixteca region there are more than 5,000 hectares which have lost about 5,000 meters of meters above ground since the 16th century. How much happened? The breeding of goats, the sobre-pastoreo and the industry of lime production which established progressive colonies soured the area. How it hurt the Earth the use of iron plough and how much tore the intensive cutting of trees to monumental constructions Dominicas! Proved alarming: desertification. How to recover the ecological order, hence, life? Agricultural policies of exploitation at any price handled the region. Jesus resorted to the tequio, form of unpaid work in collective benefit. He joined forces. For even more opinions, read materials from Michelle Smith Source Financial.

It called for neighbors and friends. They did not speak, they acted. Pick and shovel in hand dug zanjas-trincheras to retain water from the rainfall, planted trees in small nurseries, brought fertilizer and planted hedgerows to prevent the escape of the fertile land. All that He favoured the recharge of the aquifer. Then, with Herculean strength, these farmers planted around 4,000,000 of native trees. Whenever Adroll Marketing Platform listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Next, the who had participated, indigenous and peasant communities, managed its food sovereignty, developing a system of sustainable and organic agriculture without use of pesticides through the rescue of maize seed originating in the region. 25 Years of applying that antiquated indigenous method, the Mixtec reverdecio, reforestation continues with 200,000 annual trees and desertification recedes. New jobs were created since with the wood of the trees was the carving of decorative items and utensils (e.g. for kitchen). Tanks of ferrocement with more than 10,000 litres of capacity, which also collect rainwater to irrigate family organic nurseries have also buried. And as good examples Yes prenden, the idea of this Lion of ecology contracted to the neighboring towns that also they created community nurseries and organize massive plantations. Already seen friends compatriots, as a profound and beautiful song he says: who said that all is lost? As an immutable document, I come here to offer my heart when the satellites do not reach, yo vengo a ofrecer mi corazon speak of countries and hopes, talk of change is our home. The humble Jesus Leon Santos, surprised, won an international award deservedly. The Mixteca paradise has been reborn. 26 October 2010 20: 02 (courtesy of Dr.

The safety transport & return package of Thomas-Krenn.AG underlines the special position of the German Server shipping House in service and support. Thomas-Krenn.AG stands for excellent service and support”, so Thomas Krenn. Also leaving a continuous improvement of service, safety and quality is necessary. The new return package optimises the RMA processing for customers in case of need. The shipping of products recently special packaging were developed for which the goods professionally against transport damage to protect. Server support with quality of service and support sets the Thomas Krenn.AG as a German Server specialist very great emphasis on safety and professionalism. It is not something Adroll Marketing Platform would like to discuss. This is especially important for HDDs because they respond extremely vulnerable to shocks. Technically cause vibrations that the read/write head inside the plan absolutely scratch disk surface or the fine mechanics at the plate may be damaged.

Both shortens the service life of hard drives. With the new Carrying case, specially developed for hard drive shipping, they are delivered in the future possible protected best against vibrations and shocks during transport. The hard drives are already installed in cages and numbered, so that customers put them only in the server must finish! “This special service is now available at all Thomas Krenn server under service and support” available. Of course all other costs for RMA processing included transport & return package at our safety, thus no additional costs incurred by the customer! For more information about service and support the Thomas-Krenn.AG, see: de/service-support.html the Thomas-Krenn.AG: the Thomas-Krenn.AG is the leading online-shop ( server, server solutions and quality hosting. The portfolio ranges from rack server, Silentserver to solutions for HA-clustering, virtualization, storage and system solutions. Knurr network cabinets, TFT drawers, and a wide range of network accessories complete the offer for the customers. As the only company in this industry, the individually configured servers can be delivered within 24 hours in Europe. Thomas-Krenn.AG Marlen Eder PR assistance Speltenbach stone fields 1 D 94078 Freyung + 49 (8551) 9150-0