Those of Molin go ahead in the series and gaining Sunday they happen to semifinals. Partidazo of Sergio Llull (21 points) rose to its equipment it took and it to the victory. Bizkaia Bilbao Basket gave the surprise when winning to the Power Electronics in Valencia. The Labor Box prevailed with very many difficulties to Gran Canaria 2014. Real Madrid scored the first party of the quarters of end of the ACB, thanks to Sergio Llull and to the dominion of the white pivots before worthy and pelen Fuenlabrada, to which the encounter to him became very long. Llull returned to be the pillar of the premises. The escort of Mahn (Menorca) had to be the one that secondly broke the shock in a great quarter, at which theirs had arrived underneath thanks to the success of Kus and Valters.

It finalized the party with 21 points and 21 of valuation. The rapidity and the success of two of the gunners visitors, Kus and Valters, and the madridistas doubts at the time of facing the rival hoop, took to those of Fuenlabrada above to be placed seven in first seven minutes (16-23) and nine to one for the end of the first quarter (18-27). Between Valters, eight points, and, mainly, Kus, with 13, sewed in the beginning to the white picture of the shock. Molin realised almost all the possible combinations and it did not find the solution, whereas the rival bench, Maldonado seemed to guess right in each change that realised, although the premises obtained that the fuenlabreos exhausted their two last possessions in the first quarter to arrive 20-27 at the tenth minute.