When choosing industrial compressor equipment is extremely important to select the air compressor with a working pressure and capacity, sufficient for the needs of production. If the minimum pressure necessary for your production is 5 bar, it does not mean that the air compressor screw or reciprocating with a working pressure of 5 bar for you. On the way from the compressor to the destination of the compressed air consumption encounters many obstacles and loses its original pressure. In addition to the mode of unloading-load operating pressure compressor may drop to 1 bar. Therefore, the selection and installation of compression equipment to design and for which the better to see a specialist. To date, we are increasingly confronted with examples of improper design the compressor. But shortages of pressure constitute a serious violation of the production process, which leads to marriage, and in some cases and a complete halt of production.

Let's see if that could affect the reduction of air pressure at the exit to the final point of consumption. 1. Filters. Depending on the requirements for the quality of air in the compressor unit can be fitted with various filters: Coarse, fine filter, adsorption filters, etc. Each filter reduces air pressure of about 0,05 bar.

That figure is often taken into account when designing the compressor. However, such a reduction in pressure will produce a clean filter for contamination rate of pressure drop can reach 0,3 bar, that is 6 times more. 2. Heat exchanger. Reducing pressure on the heat exchanger depends on its quality. At the highest quality heat exchangers, pressure drops to 0.2 bar, but the decline may be much more. 3. Receiver, usually gives a slight reduction in pressure 0,05 bar, but even such a reduction should be considered in the calculations. 4. Pipeline. Reducing pressure in the pipeline depends on its length, diameter and number of bends. If the air compressor has been selected, and the pressure at the outlet in the end proved to be too low, then the easiest solution would be to just expand the pipeline. All these features of the compressor and the obstacles can reduce the pressure at 1-3 bar. Therefore, when demand for compressed air pressure of 5 bar is better to choose an air compressor with a pressure of not less than 7 bar.