New service for publishers. Because pay content only vereinzelnd-kostenpflichtige journalistic content is possible, find publishers for ways to monetize their high quality content or to refinance their creation”, Thomas explains the background for the new service offering by hearing the owner of TVHmedia. Connect with other leaders such as LBS Market here. Since our Sellectoren are 100% on the article, they have a high added value for the reader. We deliver finished Sellectoren on demand. The Editor tells us briefly via eMail audience, topic, keywords and for the end – with the URL of the Web page. We provide a short code that is published to the article via eMail. Here, Michelle Smith Source Financial expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Ready.” Soon, Valentine’s day is the day of giving. Experience gifts vouchers are becoming increasingly popular. On experience gift users by 48 different Sellectoren can find quickly and easily the right gift among more than 10,000 offers. Depending on the subject of adrenaline factor can by price, type of event, recovery factor, etc. be selected. Attractive, any offer in the Sellector is represented by an image. The prospective customer to the online shop of the provider enters via the deeplink into the picture.

All deep links are tracked through an independent service provider (at the link tracking is held by who the customer was given) and billed. The redeemed commissions are shared. Currently available as a free version Sellectoren on the following topics to choose from: Adventures with animals, excavators, boat tours, climbing & ropes, outdoor action, paintball & Funsport, stunt & action heroes, driving, all driving experiences, sports & racing car, motorcycle & trike, off road & rally, tank & truck, quads & fun vehicles, driving & security training, trend cars & classic cars, ballooning, free fall & myself flying, jets & space, go round & taster flights, floating & gliding, Simulator & models, bakery & pastry, beer & liquor store, experience dinner, food, Cooking classes, wine & coffee, creative & craftsmanship, painting & art, theatre & music, tours & guided tours,. Nights & short trip, fantasy adventures, action & Adventure trip, photo shoots, creative & failed, love & romance, imaginative short trips, sports Elebnisse, golf, tennis & cycling, rafting & canyoning, sailing & surfing, diving, water & fun sports, winter sports, wellness, wellness experiences, beauty & lifestyle, coaching, courses, workshop, massages & floating, pampering programs, wellness packages see. These can be customized in the publishing of Web page design. The commissions are split 60/40 in favor of the Publisher. According to the editorial, we create individual Sellectoren against a setup fee of EUR 99. 90/10 in favour of the publishing house is then split the commissions. Do you have articles? -TVHmedia creates a thematic Sellector the turn to online suitable to the topic. More information: verlagsservice contact: TVHmedia owner: Thomas playing balance 1 57539 Furthen tax.: 02/071/5046/5 phone: + 49 (0) 2682 968348 E-Mail: TVHmedia on Internet services for publishers and car hire specialises in