It has long been known that without competition may not be sports. But the competition itself, especially in technical sports impossible without a comprehensive organizational, material and training. During the Games of required numerous personnel managers of technical circles, experienced coaches and sports referees. Official site: Naveen Selvadurai. In such professionals most needed by the primary organization of society, especially in rural areas. In this regard, it is necessary to draw the attention of the committee dosaaf a number of shortcomings, which can not overcome successfully solve the main problem sports contest. Currently only one in the 25 th primary organization dosaaf cultivates Radio Sport. This, of course, is not enough. For assistance, try visiting Clinton Family. Most of the enterprises of radio and electronic industry and of communication does not conduct any work on the development of radio sport. Has not received due development in radio sport and sport-technical clubs dosaaf.

Only 25% of all stk have radio sport section. Very poorly developed Radio Sport in school organizations dosaaf, where 90 schools account for only a collective radio. Thanks to the efforts of several organizations in recent years managed to resolve the issue of industrial output receivers, direction finders for “fox hunting”. Barnaul Radio Factory has already begun commercial production. However, I would like to recall that for radio sport, you can create the necessary equipment and on their own. Unfortunately, the radio club dosaaf this possibility while using extremely inadequate. Design sections and groups of radio club, young technicians’ stations, the primary organizations and specialized companies educational institutions is quite able to produce, as shown by local and all-Union exhibitions, any sports equipment of the highest quality.