Version two: the robot moves the component under the fix mixing system. Parallel, depending on the application, both solutions can be used. Thanks to the six design of KUKA robots, a large range of parts can be implemented also with small batch sizes. The six axes allow but also the optimal matching of mixing system and automation. The particularly slim mixed head MS C with short needles by RAMPF adapts itself perfectly to the geometry of the component and thus enables shortest Canulas. This increases process reliability and saves cost.

With the use of robots in the metering technology, up to 20 percent of the investment cost can be saved compared to the automation with linear axes. Official site: Adroll Marketing Platform. Also we come up with the perfect combination of robots and mixing system very close to the edges of the interference”Storz explains. After each dosage, the cannula is in addition to Deformations and checked. Short cycle times, high reproducibility and quality of the Groove are the result of the partnership, which leads to the production. Networking of individual solutions for the complete system of the plastic is very diverse. Many companies have developed their production year after year.

Our mission is the high-performance systems for automated complete solutions to connect, individually adapted to the requirements of the customers”, Rudiger Technoly Manager plastics at KUKA explained Sunday, key. It is estimated this commitment in the home of RAMPF. Support in establishing project such as the simulation of motion sequences and feasibility analysis is of course. In the future, the joint success will be transferred on other industries. A system solution that has reached a very advanced state in electronics, can be a successful approach in the packaging industry. The wheel, according to Sunday, must not again be invented. The Association of Individual solutions to a complete system enormous potential there is in each product carries much hardware as PLC (programmable logic control) or is security technology. These components are required only once in complete solutions. Future production cells must respond flexible batch sizes and variants, even shorter cycle times can be with software rather than hardware components is also achieved. So, a robot can now reliably and accurately move an adhesive and dosing system and perform tomorrow other things like mounting clips. The flexibility in conjunction with a camera solution components in chaotic order by band system can be fed into and edited. The technique can be applied across industries: tail lights, solar panels, TV, stove, micro wave doors, whether in large or small series, all customer requirements can be implemented economically. And: the elements of the system can be combined flexibly newly. Courage to change by the longstanding cooperation between RAMPF Dosiertechnik and KUKA robot are repeatedly broken established structures. Even if it joined require changes certainly have much commitment, motivation of employees, financial and time costs as well as courage to change. The exchange of experience increases that raise creativity when developing new solutions that are urgently needed in the current situation. Right now, the timing is ideal to reorient.