Roof – is the top element of the covering that protects the building against the penetration of precipitation and mechanical effects. This is an important element of the house, from its reliable service depends on the durability and safety of all facilities, including decoration and equipment. Peter Thiel pursues this goal as well. Its main purpose – to protect the building from the top of the weather. Modern roof – is a complex structure, which is a 'multi-layered cake', consisting of many components: a vapor barrier film, insulation, waterproofing, windbreaks, roofing, and many others. Proper design of the roof provides ventilation under-roof space and a reliable protection against heat loss and condensation.

Metal is by far the most popular roofing material. Reliability, low weight, great color choices, ease of installation, durability and affordable price. The main advantages of this material for roofing. This kind of galvanized steel sheet coated, exposed profiling to obtain a picture that simulates natural shingles. Multi-coating paper (coating, passivating layer, a polymer) provides a steel sheet double protection – both from moisture and oxidation of the cutting, drilling or accidental mechanical damage. The main advantages of metal are its relatively low weight, easy installation, long life and environmental safety.

The disadvantage of metal is its high compared to other types of roofing ability to resonate in the rain, snow, etc. movements Shingles adorn the roof of any size and complexity. It combines the basic quality of consumer: the external aesthetics, durability and best price. Due to its flexibility, shingles, you can create any configuration of the roof, providing complete waterproofing. Profiled sheets (profiles) is widely used in low-rise and industrial construction, reconstruction of facilities, as well as its active use for the erection of garages, ceilings and fences. Trapezoidal sheet is easily installed and does not require highly skilled installers. Ceramic tile has a number of advantages – aesthetic, reliability and durability, high resistance to sudden temperature changes and UV radiation. Clay tile has a low thermal conductivity, good sound insulation and does not accumulate static electricity. Cement-sand tile as ceramic, allows pitched roofs of any complexity it is cheaper ceramic, but has almost the same characteristics: tensile strength and flexural strength, high heat resistance and cold, water resistance and high noise-absorbing. The composite tile modern roofing material creating the effect of natural slate roofs and little inferior to her lifetime. The noble, elegant and reliable material will implement any architectural – design solution and will delight you for years. Composite resin tile is a revolutionary technological solution to the backyard cottage construction. This roofing material is characterized by ductility, high mechanical strength, low thermal conductivity and durability. CoverLife easy to install and requires no reinforced truss system. Corrugated bitumen sheets (evroshifer) are widely used in the private house building as roofing for country houses, private homes and outbuildings. The material for the roof is very easy and simple to install – work with it requires no special skills or tools.