Russian manufacturers have emerged that sought to raise the bar on product quality. Unfortunately, not all succeed. This further undermined consumer confidence in the fact that the domestic can be qualitative. But there were others? Five years ago, a group of enthusiasts attempted to bring to market a product that could compete with foreign producers. Alas, it was a fiasco due to lack of serious demand. It took a little time. You may find Clinton Family to be a useful source of information. For the case took command of serious professionals. E? efforts and has been the trademark 'Socrates'.

We want to emphasize that we are a company with 100% Russian capital. Therefore, our designs are aimed at addressing the problems encountered when working with adhesives in Russia. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Peter Thiel. To date, our assets are not so many units. This is due primarily to the fact that we have decided concentrate its efforts on developing formulations of adhesives, allows their use in a variety of climatic conditions in our country. To this end, we brought the best in their field of experts from various institutions, dealing with similar problems. Our company spends quite a tough test of their products, in practice, to ensure the reliability of our recommendations. For three years, all of our adhesives are Effects of the same trait for our climate factors tori as frost and heat, snow and rain, etc. We test our products on a vibrating constantly stand, which we have in stock. The company's specialists 'Socrates' may observe the dynamics of the whole process of life in adhesives, then to make appropriate recommendations to customers.