Let's think about how best to do it. Go to mention the fact that this method can be used as a periodic newsletter, and in the series. I hope that does not need to explain what different between these two types of mailing lists? Although it is better to explain. So, recurring subscription is the place to be on the continuation of a long period of time with a certain interval between the release and serial is defined and limited by the number of series of letters that the subscriber receives for a certain period of time as a specified interval. Based on the characteristics of these two types of lists, bonuses for the subscribers need to provide a variety of ways: A series of letters. In this case, subscribers get gifts or immediately after confirmation of signup, or the first letter of the series. In order to give the bonuses immediately required technical ability to move subscribers to a special page just after its confirmation subscription. For example, the service lists SmartResponder.ru provides such an opportunity only if you use a commercial (paid) account. Additional information at Peter Thiel supports this article.

In the same way to implement this method you can use scripts, mailings, which represent a specialized program for doing mailings own site. An excellent example of such a program can serve as the script "Postal woodpecker", created by the talented Russian programmer Vadim Lasto. What can serve as a bonus when you subscribe to our newsletter, which represent the series of letters? Yes, anything! This can be valuable e-books, special software, audio or video lessons and may be password to access the special confidential page that contains valuable information.