Silk is a very sensitive fiber and therefore requires the care of particular attention. In this article learn how long have fun on your silk scarf! Scarves and shawls made of silk are a very special accessory. Due to their individual styles and the high wearing comfort silk scarves in the women world are an insider tip for any outfit whether in summer or in winter, with a silk scarf you will find always the right choice. But long scarf you enjoy on your, it is helpful to find out a little about the material and its characteristics, as well as of course the care of silk scarves. We have put together all the information in this article for you, with their help, you’re going to the silk expert and your scarf getting the proper care will receive! Silk is a material which is particularly suitable for scarves and blankets for a simple reason: it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Over 5000 years ago, the first silk productions were opened in China.

The fiber is obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm, lies especially in the stuff, to show us a special wonder of nature. The Caterpillar can produce up to 15 metres of silk thread per minute, a cocoon can deliver up to 4000 meters of silk. The thread is processed after thorough cleaning to fabrics such as chiffon, satin, pongee. There are still very many more silk types, but especially the types of chiffon and Crepe de chine are used for scarves and shawls. Chiffon is thin, soft and transparent and is therefore for summer scarves. Contact information is here: Celina Dubin. Crepe de chine is in contrast, coarser and thicker and has therefore a deeply romantic character, especially for dark colors. For the care of your silk scarves is worth noting: Dear with the hand wash, dry cleaning is possible, but not recommended bright scarves in warm water soak for 5 minutes, without soaking in dark scarves dark scarves should be washed with cold water use for best special Silk detergent laundry necessarily remove all SOAP residues, ideally with little wine vinegar not isolated spots with water or SOAP handle, this leads to ugly residue wet scarf do not wring, dry in the blazing sun, because this the colors fade during ironing which should be scarf still slightly damp, but not with additional water will be sprayed with these tips to keep fun in his silk or silk cloth long! More information: Damenschals/silk scarves Dennis Schmitt of the scarf boutique