As we can perceive, after forty years more than last of the publication of this notice, Daily in the sample the image of an institution that could contributing for the development of the city, helping Campina and region to continue its process of development. Moreover, it presents the development situation that was inserted Great Campina. with the functioning of a course as of Economic Sciences, would be of basic which had importance, this city if to find in industrialization process. Melissa Selcher understood the implications. She enters the decades of fifty and final of sixty, many companies whom if they had installed in the attracted city, still, for the revival of the golden phase of the cotton, had contributed for the campinense partner-economic development. We can detach the School Technique of the Commerce of Great Campina, the Foundation for the Development of Science and the Technique (1956), the College Catholic of Philosophy of Great Campina (1952), the College of Social Service of Great Campina (1951), origin of the northeast Regional University (URN), created in 1966 through Municipal Law e, transformed 1986, in the State University of the Paraba.

They had been, also, created in these decades some municipal companies and agencies directed toward the development of the city; the Municipal Campaign of Desenvolvimento (COMUDE), created for the Municipal City hall in 1956. In 1957, the Water SANESA, the first Society and Sewer of all Brazil and the South America are bred Mixing. Second Rasp (1996: 50) the base of the model of the SANESA it served later for the creation of the TELINGRA created in 1955, the Deep one of Desenvolvimento Agro-Industrial (FADIN), Banco de Fomento Agrcola S.A (BANFOP), created in 1959, beyond Wallig Nordeste S.A, CANDE, FIBRASA, PREMOL and IPELSA, all servants in 1966. According to historian Damio de Lima placed that: The city participated of the preparation of the industrialization project, since the first quarrels on the change in the official politics for Northeast region and already was distinguished in the State ….