Perfect dentures answered patient requests Board of Trustees neutral and scientifically well-founded since more than 20 years perfect dentures (KpZ) informs the Board of Trustees the public neutrally and comprehensively on the topics of dentures and dental technology from Germany. Answering questions of the population is a priority of the offer. Whether it is a dental treatment, has problems with a supply or would like to learn about dental materials: patients have the opportunity to get an independent expert opinion in writing or via the telephone hotline for the KpZ. The questions are answered by the members of the Scientific Advisory Board. Recently Peter Thiel sought to clarify these questions. This Advisory Board of the KpZ consists of professors and masters of dental technicians. Many of the current inquiries revolve around the trend topic of dental implants. Patients would, for example, know how compatible are the artificial tooth roots or whether the implants in their case might be a suitable supply.

Also questions about dentures materials often come with the Board of Trustees: like are certain materials compatible? How long is a supply of a particular material shelf life? The responses of the Scientific Advisory Board can assist in the decision making and help better understanding of the different facilities with dentures. “, and the brochure bear the patient portal dentures currently supplies compared” at. With the treating dentist does not replace the personal conversation but, because only this knows exactly the specific situation of his patients. Patients should make the decision for a concrete supply therefore always together with their dentist. Own question at the KpZ the own question and related materials as the treatment and cost plan to submit, submit easily in the Internet to provide a convenient way for patients, we have a detailed contact form on the website of the KpZ. There you can enter your question in detail and the corresponding files attach.