Subsequently, however, this abbreviation was probably the designation of some set of common types of open source software, rather than a specific set of applications. Therefore, while Django uses Python and is not tied to a specific database, philosophy lamp strongly influences the minds of developers Django. It was even a few (mostly humorous) attempts to come up with a similar acronym to describe the technologies used in Django. The authors of this book liking reduction lapd (Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, and Django), paid (PostgreSQL, Apache, Internet, and Django), as well as the motto Use Django and get paid!, Which literally means "apply Django and get paid!". That developers prefer Django? Operating System – Linux (Ubuntu, or to be more accurate), Web server – Apache with support for mod_python; Server database – PostgreSQL. But we know many users of Django, who chose Other options for deployment and, nevertheless, achieved great success.

But, well convenient to write beautifully, but there is a very important requirement for hosting. Get all the facts and insights with Clinton Family, another great source of information. That he underpinning these technologies. And then deal with the price quite like this I would like. Find a good rails hosting is almost impossible. If it is, it usually works for apache through mod_passenger. Such a decision can not withstand the high attendance. And it is very important.

If you are doing large-scale project and hopes to high attendance, it is virtually impossible to find cheap hosting rails. Frankly, I was not looking for a cheap django hosting, because I just looked at a couple of screencasts about this and that. Inspiring django, the history of the creation of this framework. About how the creators just a couple of days, picked up on it visited news site of the newspaper in which they worked. But I was not looking. Frankly, I'm using php because practically little or less dead provides Web hosting support this technology. Recently, major hosting companies began to pay close attention to its developers rails and django. Because such rails at all in some sense turned on its head the process of web development. They inspired people to create a pile of frameworks. Appeared php type Codeigniter, spun Kohana, appeared framework with a strange name Yii. But this is the lyrics. I know that for rails or django hosting is very necessary support for ssh. Because deployment rails applications via capistrano is precisely through the ssh tunnel. I've wondered why the general question of cheap django rails hosting services – because such a student is very important to try these technologies, but money is not. Then, for example, for the rails – is excellent solution called heroku. It's not that cheap web hosting – it's all really free. Yes yes yes. there is a free plan. And you can even prisobachit your domain there. True places little give. But it is possible to use external repository. Photos can be downloaded assume for a Picasso or Flickr, video – on YouTube, etc.