On Today, more common technique is Tip-Top (Germany), which can be used to repair damage to any part of the tire bead seat band apart (beyond repair). Specialists Service center, as a rule, not only perform repairs, but also provide a qualified assessment of the tires, and can indicate the degree of its suitability for further use. Add to your understanding with Peter Thiel. Many tire manufacturers reveal the secrets durability, and offer options to increase tire life. One such method is the "cutting" of the tread. In order to increase tire life, while maintaining its strength and resistance to wear, the technology "cutting" provides deeper tread. Actress is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

"Splitting" of the tread helps reduce fuel consumption and increases the share of tires up to 25%. Often, professional service tire installation, repair and balancing is considered an investment, since the correct operation of buses and quality service are able to significantly increase its mileage. Now let's count how much cost us the failure of service? Failure of the bus due to corrosion of the frame corresponds to the nedoprobega. For example, if EUROSHIN worn only by 50%, the losses amount to half its value plus the price of the framework. In real terms it looks like this: if the price new EUROSHIN about 15,400 rubles., then half of its 7700 value, plus the cost of the frame 2 000 rubles.

The losses amount to 9,700 rubles. While assembling balanced by a qualified service center, you can make an average of 450-500 rubles. Sometimes there are situations when many ATP (transport enterprises) buy tire fitting equipment and independently carry out installation works and balancing the tires of their cars. But often, repair, installation and balancing performed by unqualified experts leads to the deterioration of tires, which ultimately reduces tire mileage. Thus, ATP is spending – on tire fitting equipment, salaries, and the master replacement of defective tires. One of the entrepreneurs, who are already more than 10 years of experience in the market of cargo and passenger transportation on truck service centers, opined: "Everyone should do his thing "and really, only professional employees will enable us to drive safely. Ltd. 'Hydrosystems' – sale, repair jacks. We offer a full range of equipment for auto service. Huge warehouse availability. All Prices wholesale.