Others have been called out loud, so rude, and forced to purchase a second ticket for the flight return, after having traveled in the same plane without prior obligation to purchase a second seat. And What happens to the rate for senior? There is another issue that could be discussed: airlines discriminate against taller people? In an effort to add more seats in the aircraft and therefore be able to sell more tickets per flight, airlines have reduced the distance between rows of seats to 75 cms or less. This means that passengers with longer legs will have their knees painfully stuck in the front seat. Then, if we are lucky to get a seat in a row with more space, you have no choice but to pay for a seat in business class or first class, where leg room is no problem. If you require two seats for heavier considered discrimination, what about taller passengers? Howell said: "Tall, short, thin or fat, broad-shouldered, with wide hips and long legs … Fly people all sizes and would be difficult to expect that all seats provide a travel experience convenient and enjoyable.

The responsibility to serve customers of all sizes is the cost of doing business in the modern world of today, and this cost should not be detrimental to any group of people. It seems that airlines are only concerned with customers, "petite", something not very representative of the U.S. population. "The debate continues The debate about whether the" obese fee is fair or not, continue dividing opinions. If you belong to an airline or are a mere passenger, if you're overweight or with a thin, sooner or later you can affect in one way or another. This charge could be an important supplement for short flights, not only on long journeys, for or example. For now, the NAAF's position is clear: overweight passengers should be heard, and should weigh the idea of spending money on companies that discriminate. Howell added: "You want contribute to this ongoing discrimination or prefer a change? In this modern world focused on earnings, attack the corporate wallet is the most effective way to get your attention! "Carlos Hernandez is a passionate wanderers, always ready to pack and launch into the adventure. Back home, like a child enjoys telling us about life experiences and stories of people and mysterious places.