This has contributed to the fact that at this time the number of users who can view video over the Internet is already very significant. Simultaneously, a decrease of interest in tv in general and tv advertising in particular, a significant amount of audience do not watch tv shows in the workplace, while using the Internet for everyday tasks. However, due to the fact that the videos have a significant size, you need a special solution that allows you to place video ads on Internet sites in the format of video banners and to broadcast it simultaneously greatly number of users. One of the first such decision has to offer in the ad market online video advertising agency New Media. The agency serves a contractor for the manufacture of video banners, video ads in a format Internet, as well as offering services to their location and broadcast simultaneously on many Internet sites, depending on the media plan an advertising campaign.

Listening to your own company's server eliminates the problem of Sizeable video and makes placing video banner identical traditional banners, which ultimately reduces the overall cost of video banner advertisers and agencies. "Video banners are an extremely promising area, and have several advantages over other formats of advertising" – says mediadirektor Agency Alexander Kc. Advantages of the format, which said Alexander: – videos and movies allow the transfer of emotional component of communication more effective than many other advertising formats. – At the moment, the cost of placing video banner favorably with the cost of placement of tv advertising – now, the cost of placing video banner does not depend on the duration of the video, while the cost of placing video advertising on tv is directly dependent on its duration. – The use of This format allows you to work on consumer and business hours that is important, because at this time most of the other distribution channels does not work.

"Now, we are very interested in working with advertisers, sites, as well as advertising and PR-agencies. We invite them to undertake the work on making video banners and video ads on the implementation of display advertising platforms on the Internet. All preparatory work already completed, it is time to start using the format "- says Alexander. Summarizing vyshenapisannoe, we can say: the time internet video advertising has come. Word of the advertisers.