I will say one thing, Paul, instead of following my sermon regular customer service I take this opportunity to write an open letter to you and other entrepreneurs everywhere who share their point of view. Dear Paul (and the rest of you jokers), The next time your product and I swear by a stack of Bibles that absolutely, positively be there overnight and when there are two weeks and is divided into a dozen I invite you to pieces and just complain and say, “Ah, well …” The next time I say that my house needs a new roof, when in reality all they really need is a few shingles nailed and when confronted with the truth of the matter and just say, “Well …” The next time I say my car needs a new engine when all you really need is a battery, and what I bring to you and you just said: “Well … “The next time you get bad customer service from you I’m going out of my way to let the world know about you. A related site: technology investor mentions similar findings. I will begin a campaign of ignorance of the customers of services to make customers angry blows the door with torches and pitchforks in hand. I will send emails to everyone I know and encourage them to pass it to everyone I know.’s going to be like the old shampoo commercial I tell two friends tell two friends and they tell two friends and before you know it everyone will know your business avoid like the plague. Then I’m going to build a website dedicated to informing the world about bad customer service, Paul. I register search engines and send press releases and television and radio ads that announce to the world that your idea of customer service leaves much to be desired.

And when to mourn back to me, Paul, complaining that have run out of business as a result of my campaign ignorance of customer service you know what I mean? So, Paul, old friend. I will say: “Oh, well …” Note to readers: Have you had bad customer service? If so email me the details. Who knows, maybe we can to campaign together. Here’s to your success! Small Business Q & A is written by veteran entrepreneur and syndicated columnist, Tim Knox. Tim latest books include “Small Business Success Secrets” and “30 Days model for success!” .