Corporation China National Heavy Truck Corporation (Sinotruk) concluded a contract with WABCO to supply transmission with automatic clutch (AMT). AMT box from Wabco allow the driver is not distracted by soaking the clutch when changing gears in the process movement. This work for him perform hydraulic and electronic components of CPR. The appearance of such PPC Chinese trucks, which until recently were completed without even a fully synchronized transmissions – a real breakthrough. Such transmissions will be installed until only Truck Series Howo.

At the same time, trucks, Howo, complete with this transmission will be marked SmartShift. As President Sinotruk Sai Dong: "Advanced technology allows AMT to optimize the process shift and improve the management of the machine. In addition, it allows you to make the truck more environmentally friendly. " Note that the new system yet to be put only to new trucks the company Sinotruk – Howo A7. This model was introduced late last year at the annual conference of the corporation, which was attended by all dealers, including representatives from Russia. Representatives of WABCO up to the signing of the agreement stated that the company made the first and most important step to break the company in the world markets. Company Wabco, today announced a contract extension for the delivery of its products for the company Sinotruk.

The new contract is up to 2016. The document provides for the delivery of parts for air brake systems and automatic control systems for the transmission of trucks Howo, several hundred million dollars. It should be noted that cooperation and Sinotruk Belgian company Wabco started back in 1997. The new contract extends the cooperation between the two companies and makes Wabco exclusive supplier of automated clutch for trucks Howo. 'Over the last WABCO decade has evolved from the export of European companies in a global world producer, which has successfully adapted to the requirements of the Chinese market ", said President Sinotruk Sai Dong.