In this way the affirmation that says: ' ' in the practical a theory she is another one! ' ' it is maken a mistake, a time that, if in the method which the affirmation if relates, that says, the theory ' ' nothing more ' ' that the knowledge on the practical one, in the theory the practical one could only be the same one, therefore it is the knowledge of the same one. Practical and theory is on for the accomplishment dialectic that if presents in them of the following form; we leave practical toward the theoretical knowledge, we come back theoretically to practical already knowing and return the theory to think possibilities of transformations about the practical field. Saints conclude then that, the affirmation supramentioned current between () the social assistants is invalid at least for three mistakes: 1) () the professional ones of the Social Service imagine that the theory if transforms into practical, when in the truth the theory are constructed through the practical one, them they wait that, as the theory of Marx if it presents in them as a revolutionary theory, therefore it intends the transformation immediately, it in instrumentalize for one practical revolutionary, what it does not seem is clearly for these () professional is that, the marxiana theory developed a theory that enxerga through the analysis that it makes, the possibility of a practical revolutionary this does not want to say, that theory revolutionary implies in practical revolutionary; the 2) () professional ones understand theory as mere systematization of the practical one and finishes for confusing practical social practical professional with or enrollment politician; finally; 3) they () believe that ' ' (…) the social theory of Marx not instrumentaliza for ao.' ' (SAINTS, 2010, p.13), this belief has left of the understanding that says in them that, the theory by itself would have in offering the instruments to them for the practical one, when in the truth it is necessary to construct them through the same one.. Click Technology Investor to learn more.