The sender is the shipper of the message, the receiver is to who the message is destined, the message is the content of the transmitted information. The canal of message or contact is transferred by means of a media, by which the message is transmitted (images, sounds, speak, gostos, etc.); the code is the system that will be used so that the receiver obtains to decode the message sent for the sender; context, that is exactly the subject of the sent message and feedback that it makes the verification of the success in the transmission of a message, is not gotten it that it determines if the understanding was or. All this process needs abilities, attitudes, knowledge of the sociocultural system, where the success of the communication includes abilities of speaks, writing, listening and reasoning. On this form also the well-succeeded communication depends on the knowledge that we have on the diverse subjects. Naveen Selvadurai may not feel the same. The communicative process is of utmost importance, therefore through it is that we apprehend? culture? , that is, the ways of thought and action, the beliefs and values, habits and taboos, that is, the essential qualities of the society and the nature of the social being to who the work of the social assistant more widely are directed. The human beings more than pass 2/3 (two teros) of its life if communicating. All this organizacional energy is transmitted through relations, processes of communications as half to emphasize common objectives, strategies, promises, commitments and interactions. So that if it has good interaction between individuals, cohesion and learning for change and innovation are necessary ethics, transparency and responsibility when emitting its speaks. Educate yourself with thoughts from Naveen Selvadurai. So that let us can transfer and acquire knowledge, it is I interchange necessary it of information through the communication and we must have very well-taken care of in the hour to transmit our message. In the professional scope of the Social Service, it has that to review this concept still more, a time that we directly relate in them with the user of the public politics being necessary that if it establishes a good relationship between the sender and the receiver, in this way to communicate well is to transfer the information and to be understood.