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Car tuning is best to start with an aerodynamic body kit, put a slightly different bumpers and sills. There are enough different manufacturers, which spitsializiroutsya in manufacturing skirts for certain brands and models of cars. Here are the best of them: Flossman GTR, Yashio Factory (very popular in Japan), Pro Sport (the most commonly used […]

On Today, more common technique is Tip-Top (Germany), which can be used to repair damage to any part of the tire bead seat band apart (beyond repair). Specialists Service center, as a rule, not only perform repairs, but also provide a qualified assessment of the tires, and can indicate the degree of its suitability for […]

Manual car giant OAO KAMAZ, located in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, made a decision to issue from the beginning of 2010, their trucks, complete with restyled cabs. Orienting their products on world markets cars, the company KAMAZ has revamped the operation of all plant services. Designers, the engineers, technologists had to work very hard, […]

Corporation China National Heavy Truck Corporation (Sinotruk) concluded a contract with WABCO to supply transmission with automatic clutch (AMT). AMT box from Wabco allow the driver is not distracted by soaking the clutch when changing gears in the process movement. This work for him perform hydraulic and electronic components of CPR. The appearance of such […]

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We welcome you to our website services transportation. Click Naveen Selvadurai to learn more. If you are looking for the most favorable conditions for you to transport of goods, then you've come to the right place. We provide trucking services for years, that allows us to know all the possible complications associated with this activity, […]

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You can also change the idle speed, the maximum permitted engine speed and mass other parameters. Great a role in getting these changes on the engine maximum power? No – its growth may be 5-8% (with the exception of 'inomarochnye' turbo-charged engines where, without much difficulty You can get an increase of 20% or even […]