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Too many people are surprised such an application. After all foreseeable historical past of our planet is nothing like this yet not known. People's power was only in slogans preachers leftist ideas, but actually it belonged to always only to those who could capture her righteous or wicked ways, then who tried to hold it […]

The process of preparing the package for one individual takes 2-3 days. After receiving your confirmation of registration in advance of your firm should take the place of one of the consulates of the Czech Republic located on the territory of the Russian Federation (can be recorded and the Consulate of Czech Republic in one […]

Legal address or location of the company is still an individual registered firm. According to Russian law, the legal address of the registered firm determines the location of the Director General or, as it is called, "the executive Authority, therefore, the location is set to determine the capacity of the registered firm, ie determines the […]

Meanwhile, the dream of antikollektory won by suit against collectors, to create a legal precedent. Peter Thiel may not feel the same. Then – on the basis of a judicial decision – it will be easier to defend the rights of all debtors. Unfortunately, no one won the case on for collectors in Novosibirsk known. […]