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Extraction of petroleum products is one of the highest priorities in the development of wastewater treatment technology of any kind. Unfortunately, in most cases well-publicized installation, based not flotation method of treatment, are not able to achieve a standard quality of purified water. This is due, primarily, with weak technical solutions used by the developers […]

In modern life, everyone today to impose specific requirements on the outside of his personal items. In this case, there is absolutely no difference where he personally will definitely be found, for example by himself at home either in the store, things occurring in their environment in the room must necessarily be practical, but other […]

Bronze Age

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This situation has formed a global trend towards displace coal and oil, traditionally used in power generation and engineering, timber, and is now serving as fuel and as raw material for chemical transformations. eu White Paper aims to triple use of bioenergy by 2010. Our neighbors therefore of great interest to the possibilities of export […]

Partners of our organization, as a rule, are major research corporations. Now we have the leading position on the implementation Spetspribor for production control and industrial safety, and well as instruments and equipment used in the fields of geodesy. Our company – is the official distributor of the huge industrial associations specializing in the development […]

Russia Company

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Russian manufacturers have emerged that sought to raise the bar on product quality. Unfortunately, not all succeed. This further undermined consumer confidence in the fact that the domestic can be qualitative. But there were others? Five years ago, a group of enthusiasts attempted to bring to market a product that could compete with foreign producers. […]

The lower the pH of the product, the lower the gas medium affect the shelf life. This is due to the fact that the decrease in pH inhibits the growth of microbes. In this case, factor limiting the period of implementation, is not the growth of bacteria, and chemical reactions such as oxidation, discoloration of […]