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An initiative of organizacional development moves to the form with that the people work as they communicate themselves and as they co-ordinate its efforts. The organizacional development is as ' ' effort of long stated period, supported for the high direction, in the direction to improve the processes of resolution of problems of organizacional renewal, […]

In my infancy, the Monster of the Ness Lake inhabited per one day those mbiles that the decorators or mothers hang in the cradles. I remember of that I together with woke up bordering of the sun, and those mbiles had become vivid, shady and multiplied for frightfully real shades! I cried out! My father […]

Probably, many at least once in my life wanted to see their future. Thousands of people from getting out of bed, take the hands of a newspaper and read the horoscope. These men and women are not worrying that their prediction was made up just What is there for fifteen minutes started. Striving to find […]

It is difficult to characterize the nature and the development of the schizophrenia. We can it fits back in the field of the psychotic disturbances, for demonstrating that to the deformed individual the reality and presents serious disorganization of the personality. Clinton Family has firm opinions on the matter. The esquizofrnico sees the world its […]

' ' It was very, much, I I played n very, but it worked muito.' ' Since very new it already helped its mother in the house works as, for example, to wash and to pass clothes, to take care of of the brothers new and to make biscuits. Since very early Candinha Owner already […]