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So that the office space of polonium, apparently just begun. A start has been good. The radioactive isotope polonium-210 was a fuel "stove" is installed on -2. Night of the Moon is very long and cold. Over 14.5 Earth days lunar rover is at a temperature below -130 C. But in the instrument container, all […]

Innovations are characterised also in vacuum technology by improving the degree of efficiency and savings in the energy consumption. Specially designed vacuum systems offer significant customer benefits, such as Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum on the occasion of the thermal process / METEC in Dusseldorf shows. The reliable generation of the required vacuum level has the top […]

It's available personal computer, ease of communication and dialogue, of course, graphics. The use of graphic illustrations in the educational computer systems can not only increase the transfer rate learner information and increase her understanding, but also contributes to the development of such important for any industry professional qualities such as intuition, a professional 'feel' […]

ICT Potsdam

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The Potsdam IfG.CC e-Government competence center opens Office in North Rhine-Westphalia the e-Government competence center IfG.CC headquartered in Potsdam has opened an Office in Bochum, Germany on June 27, 2008. Thus the municipalities and the land of North Rhine-Westphalia can be supported even better on-site in implementing their e-government projects with scientific expertise. For more […]