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The main place of access the Internet is its proper residence (50.9%), followed in the work (41.7%). The main reason of access is the sending and act of receiving of e-mails (50.4%). The English language is said by the majority of the participants, beyond the Portuguese. The purchases on-line are considered unsafe by the participants […]

In this way the affirmation that says: ' ' in the practical a theory she is another one! ' ' it is maken a mistake, a time that, if in the method which the affirmation if relates, that says, the theory ' ' nothing more ' ' that the knowledge on the practical one, in […]

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Valley to strengthen that the population to if organizing obtain to discern that ‘ ‘ right, differs from necessity or lacks and interesse’ ‘ (CHAU & SAINTS 2007, P. 79), where the possibilities to extend the conquests, occur through claims, however of legitimate form, thus assuring, the right not only to the adequate housing and […]