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The professions if create as specializations of the collective work to take care of necessity, therefore, the Social Service appears in a context of administration of material lacks, being legitimated for the capital in the quality of main institucional requisitante. In the company the practical one of the Social Service does not escape to this […]

Social Service

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Valley to strengthen that the population to if organizing obtain to discern that ‘ ‘ right, differs from necessity or lacks and interesse’ ‘ (CHAU & SAINTS 2007, P. 79), where the possibilities to extend the conquests, occur through claims, however of legitimate form, thus assuring, the right not only to the adequate housing and […]

The sender is the shipper of the message, the receiver is to who the message is destined, the message is the content of the transmitted information. The canal of message or contact is transferred by means of a media, by which the message is transmitted (images, sounds, speak, gostos, etc.); the code is the system […]