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Artificial ice surface Super-Glide Ice Blue (Blue Ice), developed by them, has scientifically modeled molecular structure which allows to slide on skating as smoothly as under the present ice. In the past, and sometimes even up to now, synthetic ice rinks were covered with silicone grease, to which clung dust and dirt, leaving your clothes […] presents its new collection of special items for Valentine’s day. An interesting collection of jewellery created for this special day. With an excellent delivery service of 24 hours for all Spain (peninsula), this online jewelry allows the lovers to be able to choose between a broad catalog of jewels. With extensive experience in the […]

The impressive campaign being undertaken by the FC Barcelona can not completely overshadow the excellent campaign is doing Liga Real Madrid, especially since the arrival of Juande Ramos. While the ship is maintained with a chance of winning in all three competitions, Madrid and only has options in the league, after being eliminated in the […]

While spy cameras can be used by any person, the portable spy cameras tend to serve the purposes of law enforcement. These small undetectable cameras are ideal for private investigators, coverage of surveillance and secret agents, but this does not mean that they are not available to the public. Several companies launched models that ordinary […]

It is attested in documents that the Gaddafi regime, would have also had relationships with the British MI6. It also offers proof that the American Agency sent to the country to terrorism suspects in known the CIA flights. According to some reports, moved to Libya to prominent members of Al Qaeda to torture them, and […]