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The disappearance of seriousness and the respect that must exist in all the acts witnessed by notary public and to its regulations who is elaborated for the effect, are the indicative of which the sindresis in the human behavior no longer is the substantial axis to have a formed criterion. Formality, good sense, observance to […]


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The movable telephones did not exist decades ago.In fact, the movable telephones began to be used when I was studying in the university and had like 20 years.Before that, only there were telephone cabins to contact to the house, and people were unattainable when they were outside the office or the home, was very common […]

The Professional concept on watch of Race is applied to the personnel in positions managers and of confidence, whereas on watch the Civilian of Race is for the basic positions. This is similar to the arranged thing by the Law of the Professional Service of Race of the Federal Public Administration of Mexico, that is […]

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We listen, asentimos and we changed of subject. We never must debate these opinions without relation with the subject. Chapter 8: The closing of the sale When the interview of sales has taken correctly, that arrives a little while in is not possible to continue the negotiation. It is the hour to close the operation. […]