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In difficult market conditions, when you begin to feel yourself breathing rat crisis and all that it implies for a, many are looking for goods or services with reasonable prices. Having not clouded by numerous advertisements reason and rational approach, it is difficult to be very simple and obvious. Taking into account all expressed previously, […]

Delivery service to Russia in terms of values of distances is not so much. Clearly, an urgent need for huge volumes of freight traffic generates a large demand for services Express delivery. Nonetheless, specifics of the Russian environment creates serious obstacles for the development of courier services. However, the Russian market express delivery is developing […]

One of the important components of the transport industry is the sphere of freight forwarding activities. More than 70% of world cargo is carried by shipping companies. Freight forwarders are now – is not only intermediaries between the cargo owners and carriers. They are actively marketing work in the markets for transport services, participate in […]