With full stomach learns and teaches it himself we know better. MVRDV – is the stacking of stackers and blocks characteristic of the buildings around the world realized by MVRDV. The resulting blocks are a response to the increasing density of the cities. One of the recent work of the Office is a transparent library construction in the Rotterdam Spijkenisse of suburb of. A staircase-shaped mountain of stacked books under a glass hood joins the building in the form of a prospect stalemate. Other world-renowned projects have their origin in the founded in 1993, Dutch Bureau MVRDV.

For example the Head Office of the Norwegian Bank DnBNor in Oslo or the headquarters of the Swiss broadcaster SRG SSR. Jacob van Rijs taught today at international institutes and universities, such as for example at the Technical University of Delft or the Architectural Association London. As visiting Professor he was the Royal Danish Academy of fine arts in Copenhagen (2004) and at the Rice University Houston, inter alia the Esaya University of Madrid (2005), (2000 / 2001) appointed. van Rijs was awarded 2010 Fellowship the honorary”of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Faculty of design of the University of Wismar which design the University of Wismar has faculty of approximately 600 students, about 2000 square meters of laboratory and workshop area and student workshops with personalized Smart cards. It is on the Baltic Sea between the cities of Hamburg and Berlin. Architecture, architectural lighting design, interior design, communication design and media, as well as product and jewelry design are the study programmes of the Faculty of design of the University of Wismar. Because the individual areas particularly inspired and partially overlap in their subject areas, interdisciplinary cooperation is an important and natural part of teaching.