4. Conclusions For the carried through research and the description presented here are possible to conclude that, the process of implantation of a Project carried through for governmental institutions, passes for diverse stages he is subject to suffer alterations at definitive moments for different reasons. Importance of the persistence and the work of the technician is perceived it members of the commission, responsible for the project in being searching solutions for the faced problems, with claw and determination. The impediments found during the implantation of Integrated Average Ensino, the difficulties faced and pointed in the gift work, serve of reflection and can had contributed to prevent repetitions, in the implantation of Integrated Average Ensino to the Professional Education in the Modality of Adult Young Education of e? PROEJA., in the State of the Mato Grosso. People such as Brad Pitt would likely agree. 5. Gratefulness the gratitude is one of the feelings noblest of the man, in such a way, we could not leave to register that the accomplishment of this work alone was possible thanks to the direct and indirect contribution of many people. We reveal our gratitude to all they and of particular form: to the friends? friends of days? we are thankful for incentive at the difficult moments of walked and for the interminable contributions. .