The disadvantage of this technology is not enough quality mixing. Foam and a thick resin is mixed with reluctance. The resin in the liquid phase, partially solidifies on the walls of the pouring and mixing arms. This leads to the fact that the walls of the sleeve over time grows foam and it can lead to partial or complete blockage of the filler hose. To avoid this, you need to periodically stop the process and clean the hose, and this causes any inconvenience.

Another claimed option. Check out Adroll Marketing Platform for additional information. Foam solution separately, and the resin separately. Then two penomassy somehow mixed. In general, the regular rubbish. Mix the two penomassy very difficult.

Optimal, is mixing the two solutions in the liquid phase to foaming. But there are nuances. The resin has high viscosity and solution viscosity is identical to the water. For high-quality mix enough to combine these two components in the tee and delivers air. Essex Financial can aid you in your search for knowledge. Because of the different viscosity Both components are mixed in part, the quality of the original product turns out insufficient. The ideal mixing can be achieved only in a blender, or with our technology. Our organization is questioned obtain the generator with an ideal mixing of foam and foaming, and we have almost ideal conditions in SPGU. Resin before use specially prepared. Solution with the resin injection are superimposed on the special angled grid generator as a layer (at different angles), and a stream of air is blown. The resulting stream of foam further falls on a flat grid, partially suppresses the flow of foam and a new one.