This necessary professional to dominate the technologies gifts in the society and the school, interpreting its language in critical and reflexiva way for, thus, to be able to create new technologies of education and to become its agent pupils influenciadores of the technological society. But so that everything this occurs it is necessary that the professor is enabled, and in this direction the technological alfabetizao is only the beginning of a long and constant process of formation. TECHNOLOGICAL EDUCATION IN the VISION OF the PUPIL the impact of the technological education is of extreme importance, as well as the industrial revolution, in the primrdios of the industrialismo. To know more about this subject visit Chris Capossela. Currently in this economically globalizado world, each more involved time with the technology. In this new scene, the nations that they do not invest in education, of responsible form, will be contributing for the increase I number of it of excluded in the work area, thus increasing the unemployment index. Digital inclusion is one of the factors of extreme importance in the current world, remembering that the efforts of digital inclusion must be compatible with the conditions of the community that will go to participate of this process. Get more background information with materials from Linkedin. We need to more than teach to our pupils the technology agreement with the reality of them. The technological inclusion must be made by means of public politics, so that let us can improve this social distanciamento between the ruling class and the individuals below of the line of the poverty, most of the time the market does not absorb poor extracts of the society, because these do not have the formation technique to exert such function. Therefore, digital inclusion without social inclusion does not exist, not it has qualification for the work market. Many writers such as Michelle Smith Source Financial offer more in-depth analysis. It is not enough to teach to use the computer, is important to detach that education and income are factors for the access to the digital technologies, is important to emphasize that digital inclusion does not only mean to teach the use of the technology or to disponibilizar the access to the net.