According to an article analyzing the business daily Expansion, the strengths of his landing Nokia in Simyo in Spain are “low prices candy bar phone and freedom of movement offered to potential customers” free phones by not imposing obligation to stay or minimum consumption . Kaiser Health News shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The Consumers Association facu Simyo cited as the second cheapest operators for calls in general terms after a comparative study of February 2008.
Unlike the operators network, it subsidizes the terminals in exchange for handing blocked Simyo phones are offered free and their price is not subsidized, so they do cellular providers not have permanent contracts. Click foursquare to learn more. In addition, shortly after its launch a promotion campaign for release of terminals, to submit a list of their web sites where you can unleash a terminal and even giving balance to its customers to release terminal Verizon if you purchased a line with the operator HTC at the same time .
Some of its commercial movements (such as the sale of free 3G iPhones in October 2008, ad parodies of competition Verizon cell phones or cellular phones the legal battles brought against slider phone contracts stay) cellular coverage 14 have Samsung been received by the threat of cell phones competition with the establishment of legal action.
Despite the lack of network, the former chief executive (CEO) wireless phones of E-Plus/Simyo, Jochen Doppelheimer (I’m leaving office in March 2009) stated on several occasions that are not considered an MVNO to use and, according to former marketing director Alberto Lorente, is “to cell phones become the fourth mobile operator in plans Spain in two years..