The organization drawings portray an order to determine what you need for a specific client, you must have the ability of a psychologist to understand the client and his needs. Essex Financial Services may also support this cause. On the “victim” need to know everything: the habits, preferences, character, social circle, it is also desirable to find out what events may occur in the afternoon draw. As a rule, in the end is born the idea of 2.3, from which the customer chooses that which he most likeable. Official site: Essex Financial. In principle, the basis of the drawing can lie and rather banal idea. For example, as shown practice, one of the simplest and most spectacular rallies – “interviews to the press and television.” Or dance, stripper, appearing out of the box. The main thing – feed! For example, the birthday of the director of a large St. Petersburg companies suddenly descended on “Finnish partners” – ostensibly to negotiate.

They missed a tight guard and alert the secretary. Partners exist in reality – but in this day, of course, instead of profit actors. And they took it nonsense – even though and in Finnish “, and” through an interpreter. ” All attempts by the director taxied to the topic that interests him ended in failure – the “main” Finn spoke of his Birthdays upset and even panicked. In the end, Finn waved at him hand and walked to the drawers, which “partners” brought with them Do I have to say that there were not tons of official papers? But the scenario of the draw “in the capital,” from “Syureal”: customer says “sacrifice” that he or she can call in such a boutique and choose a gift.